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On Wednesday, the sky will be mostly grey; only rare clear spells will bring the sky a bit of colour! The chances of getting a bit of sunshine are however as small as the chances of getting some precipitation.

Temperatures will be around the seasonal average.


Thursday will bring still some colder but also nicer weather. Friday will then be sunny and rather cold.

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The "Hohe Birga" archaeological site

The history of ancient Tyroleans

Have you always wanted to visit a real archaeological excavation site? This dream can become a reality at the “Hohe Birga” – the only open-air archaeological site in the Innsbruck area. Located just 20 minutes from the centre of Birgitz, the “Hohe Birga” gives us valuable insights into the lives of the Raeti – an ethnic group who inhabited the Alps 600 years before Christ, from Lower Engadine in the west to Virgental valley in the east and Lake Garda in the south. These “ancient Tyroleans” were driven out by the Romans during the alpine campaigns in 15 BC. Today, we can ascertain that the Romans also burned down their settlement on the Hohe Birga. Luckily, wall remnants of up to two metres still exist today, allowing us to draw many conclusions regarding the structure and architecture of this Raetic settlement.

An unforgettable journey to the time before Christ

There are many amazing things just waiting to be discovered on a visit to the Hohe Birga. The Raeti constructed three artificial terraces to make the land suitable for settlement and the many pits also indicate that the houses were set into the ground. Two of these houses were recently excavated in cooperation with the Archaeological Institute at the University of Innsbruck and are now open to visitors. The houses were multi-storey buildings and “House X”, on the upper terrace, features a particularly interesting layout with a long corridor. The lower level was made of hewn stone and constructed using the dry stone method; the upper level was probably constructed of wood. In addition to the fascinating remnants of buildings, many other valuable finds are also frequently discovered on the Hohe Birga – including ceramic vessels, jewellery and metal tools. Even objects made of glass and lead have been found here. Today, these impressive relics from the time before Christ are displayed in the new “Rätermuseum” (Raetic Museum) in Birgitz. A mysterious journey for young and old – informative, interesting and exciting.


Contact & information

Archäologische Ausgrabungsstätte und Rätermuseum Hohe Birga
Verein Archaeotop Hohe Birga
Dorfplatz 1
6092  Birgitz
+43 +43 5234 / 33 233 25

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