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For those who are hoping for a couple of warm spring days or perhaps just a few hours of sunshine, the weather forecast for today will be a great disappointment. We will see a day with heavy cloud and repeated precipitation.



During the following days, we should lower our expectations of the weather! The general weather situation will not change and even more humid, cold air masses will move into Central Europe. The snow level will drop continuously!

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Axams/Birgitz/Grinzens tourist office

Mo-Fr 8.30 am - 12 noon
and 3 pm - 6 pm

Götzens tourist office

Mo-Fr 8.30am - 12.30pm
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The Postkutscherhof in Axams

Experience the Tyrol of old...today

Experience a horse farm from days gone by – authentic, genuine, Tyrolean. The Postkutscherhof is probably the most famous and unique farm in Axams. It’s the starting point for romantic horse-drawn sleigh rides in winter and splendid horse-drawn carriage rides in summer. It’s also where you’ll find the passionate and internationally renowned coachman Fritz Ehrensperger, who organises the “Alpenkönig-Championat” – a horse festival that has brought sensation, fun and excitement to the Postkutscherhof in recent years. The horse-pulling competitions, chariot races and variety of Tyrolean customs are a fantastic experience for the whole family.

Today, the Postkutscherhof still offers a mixture of living traditions, well-preserved customs and valuable cultural treasures. The “Tyrolean evenings from 1900” (link) are one of the absolute highlights. Every week, our Tyrolean ancestors parade with horse-drawn carriages and period tools – creating a lively atmosphere with their traditional dances and authentic Tyrolean folk music.

A horse-drawn carriage ride in the mountains

The three holiday villages of Axams, Birgitz and Grinzens are called the “pearls of the mountain plateau” – and with good reason. A horse-drawn carriage ride is the perfect way to experience the full beauty of this quaint corner of Tyrol. Charming scenery, breathtaking mountain views and countless cultural and historical insights make a carriage ride with Fritz Ehrensperger a truly holistic experience that brings the past to life. Families share precious moments and create treasured memories to take home. Afterwards, Fritz and his team show guests around the farm, explaining the often unusual equipment and telling stories of the traditions and customs that have been passed down through the generations.

Experience tradition and culture up close

Fritz Ehrensperger’s colourful programme at the Postkutscherhof quickly demonstrates that life in Tyrol wasn’t entirely shaped by work in the fields. Events include traditional wood-moving competitions, the ceremonial cattle drive, sheep shearing, ancient craftsmanship, parish fairs with delicious Tyrolean treats, folk dances, traditional “Schuhplatteln” dancing, pumpkin festivals, “törggelen” evenings and quaint dinner theatre. The famous carnival celebrations in Axams, including the unforgettable “Lanigerschaug’n” and “Wampelreiten”, are also an absolute highlight. Experience something new, discover old traditions and simply enjoy the present at the Postkutscherhof in Axams – a holiday hit for the whole family.

Contact & information

Postkutscherhof Axams
Fritz Ehrensperger
Burglechner Straße 35
6094  Axams
+43 +43 664 / 33 75 800
[email protected]

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