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and 3 pm - 6 pm

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Tobogganing in the Western Holiday Villages of Axams, Birgitz and Grinzens

Enjoy the sensation of gliding through natural snow, feel the wind in your face and then warm yourself up in a cosy tavern. Tobogganing on the runs in and around the western holiday villages offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Not least because all the toboggan runs in this area are covered in snow as nature intended. Sledding enthusiasts can choose from four different routes boasting an overall distance of 21 kilometres.

Natural toboggan run from Axamer Lizum to Axams (3.9 km)

The popular toboggan run from the Axamer Lizum ski area to the village of Axams covers a distance of almost four kilometres. When snow conditions are good the run is open every day and floodlit until midnight. Starting point is the bottom car park of the ski area. The run ends at Staumauer-Hoadlstrasse, right in the village of Axams. A free evening bus service for tobogganers runs daily from the holiday villages of Götzens, Birgitz and Axams/Axamer Lizum. (NB: runs only when the toboggan track is open!) Toboggans are available for rental from the local sports shops and from the Alpinhotel Lizumer Bergheim.

Pleisenhütte natural toboggan run in Axamer Lizum (2 km)

To toboggan down this run you first have to embark on a leisurely walk from the Axamer Lizum car park up to the Pleisenhütte mountain hut. The ascent up the toboggan track is not particularly strenuous and takes around 50 minutes. As a reward, you can treat yourself to something in the Pleisenhütte hut, also known as the Bärenhütte. This toboggan run is not floodlit, but owing to its location, it is snow-reliable and, during the daytime, the hut's terrace offers a breathtaking panoramic view. The toboggan run is immaculately maintained by the hut owners themselves.

Birgitzer Alm natural toboggan run (9 km)

Starting point is the Birgitzer Alm mountain hut at an altitude of 1,800 metres. From there the toboggan run, if you sled all the way down to the valley, covers  a total of nine kilometres. You can access the toboggan run at two different points - the more snow-reliable option starts above the Alpengasthof Adelshof tavern. Parking facilities are available and the free ski bus also stops there. From there you can savour the leisurely 4 ½-kilometre uphill walk to the cosy, rustic Birgitzer Alm mountain hut where you can rest and enjoy a bite to eat before enjoying the thrill of the downhill run!

The second, longer option from the Birgitzer Alm takes you all the way down to the holiday village of Birgitz. This extra-long run, which covers a distance of no fewer than nine kilometres, is only open and groomed, however, when snow conditions are ideal. This is to ensure both the safety of tobogganers and optimum sledding fun.

Kemater Alm natural toboggan run (6.5 km)

Six kilometres of tobogganing fun from the foot of the Kalkkögel range down to the village of Grinzens. The Kemater Alm run is a haven for tobogganing fans and ideal for the whole family. From the Sportcafé in the holiday village of Grinzens, which is easy to reach by car or using the public bus service, a six-kilometre-long walking trail takes you through the picturesque Senderstal valley to the Kemater Alm mountain inn, the starting point for this popular natural toboggan run. The walk, though idyllic, does require a certain level of fitness and stamina. But once you reach the hut, you are rewarded with stunningly beautiful views of the Kalkkögel mountain range and a fantastic downhill run. A toboggan transfer service for groups is available on request from the Kemater Alm landlord. Toboggan rental is available from the Sportcafé in Grinzens. 

Taverns, mountain huts and restaurants 

No matter which run you choose, you can combine your tobogganing fun with a visit to a cosy tavern or mountain hut - Leierkasten, Pfeffermühle, Der weiße Rausch, Lizumer Löchl, the rustic Schafalm hut and the Adelshof tavern all offer ideal locations for convivial tobogganers' get-togethers. In the Lizum Alm, for example, home-grown all-round entertainer Happy Heini ensures a lively atmosphere every Friday and Saturday. And guests can enjoy tasty local specialities or even a hot-stone table barbecue. The Pleisenhütte mountain hut, on request, stays open in the evening for guests to savour their home-made pepper sausage and tasty dumplings. The Kemater Alm in Grinzens is renowned for its wide choice of mouth-watering mountain specialities. Those who would like to stay longer and enjoy the snug atmosphere of the hut to the full can even spend the night there in one of the cosy rooms - as long as they don't mind sharing with the legendary hut ghost 'Putz'! Equally warm hospitality can be enjoyed in the Birgitzer Alm mountain hut too. A variety of delicious dumplings can be savoured throughout the day - and in the evening, too, by prior arrangement for groups.

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