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Forest bathing

There is no goal when forest bathing. It is not important to prove your athletic performance, but rather to spend quality time in nature and come to rest.


  • Shift down a gear: Find a spot and sit down.

  • Focus your attention on your breathing: let go of your thoughts and when thoughts come, let them go and concentrate on your breath. Breathe deeply.

  • Listen to sounds: listen in all directions. Be patient, it may take a while before the sounds of the forest are louder than your thoughts.

  • If you haven't already done so, close your eyes now: it helps you to perceive the sounds even better. It opens your ears.

If you have now acquired a taste for forest bathing, you will find a multitude of green oases of well-being in the Innsbruck region. Some of our insider tips are marked on this map.

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Birkeben - Oberperfuss

Immerse yourself in the forest as the sunlight shines down through the canopy above and you feel the soft forest floor beneath your feet. Let your gaze wander across the gentle contours of the trail as it winds its way through the woods, passing magnificent birch, pine and spruce trees and the deciduous forest that makes this such a special landscape. Close your eyes and listen to the captivating tunes of...

Hirschlacke pond, Mutters

Discover this pond surrounded by dense spruce forest and soak up the fresh woodland air. This natural monument is located near the top of the Muttereralmbahn gondola and is a wonderful oasis of peace and quiet. Further up the mountain, you'll find a reservoir with fantastic views down over the valley and waterside benches where you can enjoy a wonderful break.

Patscherkofel Zirmberg nature reserve

According to the famed botanist Professor Gams, the Swiss stone pine forests on the northern slopes of the Patscherkofel and Glungezer mountains are the "most beautiful and best-preserved in the Alps". Discover them for yourself and immerse yourself in the fragrant scents of pine trees along the famous Zirbenweg trail, which winds its way through the landscape conservation area and is easy to access via cable...

The larch forest on the Obsteiger Larchsteig trail

The Larchsteig trail starts from the edge of the village of Obsteig and leads to the larch meadow (Lärchenwiese) experience and a wonderful world of flora and fauna. Enjoy a nice leisurely stroll and discover lots of interesting information about the larch itself, as well the history of the larch forests, how they are managed and their inhabitants. The highlights include glacial erratics, which are large...


Surrounded by tall trees and deep green meadows, the route to the "Larchenwiesenplatzl" and the "Schönen Aussicht" viewpoint is almost flat. Once you arrive, you can soak up the peace and quiet and enjoy wonderful views. And because it's so beautiful, you will probably want to stay for a while and enjoy the moment, either on one of the benches or at the Grünbergalm mountain hut.

Mixed forests in the Kochen Valley

The "Kochental" valley is a protected landscape area that is home to a variety of forest types. The valley is primarily characterised by its forest areas dominated by coniferous trees such as pines and spruces but also contains groups of deciduous trees such as beech. The Kochental is particularly stunning in autumn. When visiting the area, be sure to also make your way up to the Mariahilf Pilgrimage Church on...

Mixed woodland around Rauschbrunnen and Höttinger Bild

The stunning mixed forest around the Rauschbrunnen mountain hut and the Höttinger Bild mountain chapel is easy to access from Innsbruck. It is the perfect escape from city life, a place to breathe freely and let your mind wander on a relaxing walk. A variety of paths wind their way through the forest and are dotted with benches where you can sit back, relax and take in the beautiful green surroundings. The...

Mooswiesen meadows

After following an idyllic path through the forest, you come to Mieming's vast larch meadows. There, a biotope allows you to observe various frogs and toads, lizards, grass snakes and dragonflies in their natural habitat. A wonderful 150-metre-long jetty gives nature lovers a closer look at the colourful action on and in the water. The meadows also have magnificent views of the beautiful nature reserve on the...

Natterer Boden

Here you will find a wonderful forest full of spruce and pine trees, located on a plateau south of Innsbruck. Paths dusted with pine needles, a soft mossy forest floor, dense shrubbery, wonderful woodland scents and sunlight dancing down through the trees – you can enjoy all of this here in harmony with nature. Plenty of benches are also available where you can simply sit back and enjoy your surroundings.

Stams oak forest, a natural monument

The Stams oak forest (Stamser Eichenwald) is the oldest natural monument in Tyrol and home to a wide variety of different trees and plants. The majority of these species probably already existed here when Stams Abbey was founded and the forest developed more than 700 years ago. To this day, the oak forest is owned by the Cistercian monastery of Stams and serves as protection against floods and mudslides. An...
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