On the hunt for Innsbruck's treasures

Do you fancy a little treasure hunt through the streets of Innsbruck? We at Innsbruck Tourismus invite you to try GO Innsbruck, a scavenger hunt around Innsbruck. Swap your mobile phone for this "treasure map" and combine sightseeing with quizzes, questions and fun. Awaken your spirit of discovery and get to know the full variety of the city in an entertaining way.

The routes take you past historical sites, great viewpoints and exciting spots. And if that's not reward enough, a little surprise awaits all successful explorers and detectives at the end of the hunt. There are two different scavenger hunt routes to choose from, both of which are part of the city walks listed in the "Walks to explore" brochure.

In the footsteps of the Habsburgs

Are you interested in grand history, imperial buildings and the fascinating Habsburg dynasty? If so, the Maximilian, Sisi & Co. scavenger hunt is perfect for you.

Authentic Innsbruck

Would you rather look behind the façades and discover the many hidden places and secret treasures the real Innsbruck has to offer? If so, you can go on a tour through "Anpruggen", the oldest district in Innsbruck. Our scavenger hunt takes you on an exciting journey through time, away from the hustle and bustle of the historic old town.

Have we captured your desire for discovery?

Equipped with a city map and treasure map, the goal is to find ten stations where you can gather important clues to work out the missing word. Simply follow the route. You also need to guess our scavenger hunt partner along the way and visit them to have your map stamped in the space provided. Of course, a small reward beckons for successful scavenger hunt participants: take your solution for the missing word and your stamped map to Innsbruck Information where a surprise awaits.

Did you enjoy the scavenger hunt?

Share your best moments with the hashtag #myinnsbruck!


This is how GO Innsbruck works

  • Ask about GO Innsbruck at our Innsbruck Information Centre located at Burggraben 3
  • Choose between a German or English treasure map, both of which feature the two routes
  • You will also be given the "Walks to explore" brochure
  • Let the scavenger hunt begin!
  • The final sprint: Have you answered all of the questions and had your treasure map stamped at the stamp point? If so, head back to Innsbruck Information where we are ready and waiting with a sweet reward for anyone who has found the correct solution for the missing word (max. 6 people per form).
  • Please check the opening times for Innsbruck Information
Opening times for the spots: Please note the opening hours for the various spots and sights located along the two scavenger hunt routes. Participation in the scavenger hunt is not tied to visiting these places, a visit is not required for answering the questions. Exception: the place where you collect a stamp on both routes (possible without entry)
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    Patscherkofelbahn out of service today due to strong wind. Also no evening rides possible. (27 February 2020)
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