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 > The Marienkapelle (St. Mary's Chapel)

The Marienkapelle (St. Mary's Chapel)

Dörferstraße, 6063  Rum

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The Marienkapelle (St. Mary's Chapel)
This Baroque chapel has stood on the western outskirts of Rum since the 17th century. A fresco medallion depicting Madonna of the Rose is emblazoned above the entrance and the ceiling is adorned with a fresco of Madonna, John of Nepomuk and Florian. The chapel and the neighbouring houses are immortalised below. During the Christmas season, you can admire a wax nativity scene here that dates back to around 1800.

St. Mary's Chapel in Rum was built to protect against the "Rumer Mure": a recurring natural disaster that caused immense damage in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, there is no need to fear the river because protective structures have been built for safety. Incidentally, Rum's coat of arms features a symbolic representation of the three protective barriers. 

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