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Artur Nikodem Museum

NIMU Artur Nikodem Museum
Herr Ing. Krulis
Kirchplatz 12, 6162  Mutters
+43 650 / 51 29 644

Opening Hours

Visits possible by appointment, tel. +43 650 / 51 29 644 (Mr. Krulis).

"Art must be an expression of your soul" – is how Artur Nikodem, a renowned Tyrolean painter and fine art photographer perceived his work that is now on permanent display in Mutters.
Upon the initiative of the artist’s great-grandson, the historic ‘Pichl’ building near the village square has become home to the new ‘Nikodem Museum’ and ‘Krulis Galerie’ – affectionately named ‘NIMU’ by the locals.

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