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Thurnfels museum

Museum Thurnfels
Dorfstraße 31, 6176  Völs
+43 512 / 30 31 11

Opening Hours

Tuesday, Thursday 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Saturday, Sunday closed.
Admission free!

The Thurnfels museum is located in the historic town hall, which was once known as the Thurnfels residence, or Völs tower. Today, the museum gives an insight into the history of Völs and is a lasting reminder of when the municipality of Völs became a market town in the year 2000.

The museum was constructed based on findings discovered during restoration of the interior of the of the former Völs parish church. These findings are at the heart of museum along with exhibits on loan from the Ferdinandeum, one of the Tyrolean State museums in Innsbruck.

The interesting treasures include a stone axe dating back to the 3rd millennium BC, which is the oldest find from Völs, and a solid-hilted sword from the Bronze Age.

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