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Go on a discovery tour through Innsbruck on various special tours. Follow the guided city tours in historical costumes to places and locations steeped in history. Learn interesting, curious and entertaining facts from the centuries.
 > Bunte Vielfalt an den Häuserfassaden der Altstadt von Innsbruck

Bunte Vielfalt an den Häuserfassaden der Altstadt von Innsbruck

Austria Guide
Frau Dr. Czernohaus
Claudiastraße 24, 6020  Innsbruck
+43 669 18 08 80 11

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"Innsbruck is small, but composed of uniform buildings, as if it were a continuous house." from Martin Luther's Table Talk. Discover the diversity in the design of the house facades, be it gables, bay windows, paintings, sayings, depictions of saints, pub or shop signs... this guided tour aims to open your eyes to this.

Meeting point: at the city tower of Innsbruck
Duration: 1.5-2 h
Guided tours for small groups of 3 or more possible at a price of € 51
Further prices on request

The tour is available in German, English and Greek.

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