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Go on a discovery tour through Innsbruck on various special tours. Follow the guided city tours in historical costumes to places and locations steeped in history. Learn interesting, curious and entertaining facts from the centuries.
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The nightwatchman’s tales

Per Pedes Stadtführungen
Frau Dr. Frenzel
6020  Innsbruck
+43 664 / 43 39 419

Opening Hours

Guided tour in period costumes
The popular nightwatchman patrols the city once again, guiding you through dark streets and telling enigmatic stories of life in days gone by. He goes on his nightly tour with a halberd, a lantern and a big hat – after dark, of course! In his Tyrolean dialect, he shares exciting and funny anecdotes of everyday life from the Baroque era until the First World War.

Minimum number of participants: 5

Further dates available on request
Duration: 1 hour
Meeting point: the City Tower

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