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Central European weather is still in a summer lethargy! Moderately humid, warm air will continue to move into our region. Another nice day is therefore awaiting us with sunshine during the day, increasing cloud in the afternoon and thunderstorms in the evening.


On Sunday thunderstorms will form.

From Monday, the weather will be pleasant in every respect, with plenty of sunshine and hot temperatures.

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Almost everyone who hears the name of Innsbruck immediately thinks of the Golden Roof, and a famous personality is inextricably linked with this special attraction: Emperor Maximilian I (1459–1519). He not only had the glittering roof built and transferred important court offices to Innsbruck but is considered, by virtue of his marriage policy, as the founder of the House of Habsburg and was soon called the "first European". 
He always regarded Innsbruck as his actual capital. So it’s not surprising that the many buildings he had built all over the city still remind us of him 500 years after his death. But he was not the only Habsburger to establish a memorial for himself in Innsbruck over the centuries. 
Experience at first hand a piece of European history and follow in the Habsburgers’ footsteps!

  • The Golden Roof is adorned with 2,657 gold-plated copper tiles, all of which are still in their original condition.
  • There’s an inscription on the Golden Roof which even today can’t really be deciphered.
  • Since 2005 the square in front of the Golden Roof has hosted the International Golden Roof Challenge - a world-class athletics meeting.
  • Would you like to take home a tile from the famous roof? The Old Town pastry shops Munding and Zimt & Zucker offer a sweet version of the golden tiles.
  • Empress Elisabeth, better known as "Sisi", visited Innsbruck three times during her lifetime. When she came back to the city for the fourth time, it was after her death for her body to be transferred to Vienna. Her husband, the popular Emperor Franz Joseph, stayed in Tyrol no fewer than 30 times.
  • The Court Church also houses the tomb of Andreas Hofer, the Tyrolean freedom fighter who led the wars of liberation in 1809. 
Route length 2.5 km
Trail surface rollstuhl- und kinderwagentauglich
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