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For all those who are looking for deceleration in nature and are good at skiing, a ski tour is just the thing. On this page we present some tour suggestions. As with all alpine activities, the same applies here: The athlete:s must check the conditions and risks themselves before each tour, carry adequate avalanche equipment and follow the information provided by theTyrol Avalanche Warning Service . Innsbruck Tourismus assumes no responsibility for snow conditions, avalanche danger and external influences.

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Fotscher Windegg

1490 M 1.490 M
medium medium
This ski tour begins at the ice bridge car park and is a simple, yet long ski tour offering spectacular views. The Fotscher Windegg is one of the most popular ski tours in the Sellrain Valley. the 7km-long tour should take you about four-and-a-half hours to accomplish.

Gleirscher Fernerkogel

902 M 902 M
medium medium
The highest peak around the Pforzheimer Hütte alpine hut, open from mid-February until the end of April. A storage room for skis is available.

Glungezer / Sonnenspitze

1700 M 1.700 M
medium medium
This ski tour begins at the Glungezer Bahn cable-car valley station and follows the ski path to the bend in the road. Heading striaght uphill, cross the road before reaching a steep and narrow section of the piste. From here, turn right towards Telfer Hütte alpine hut. Follow the edge of the piste to Gasthaus Halsmarter. By taking a right at the start of the flat section, you'll reach Tulfein Alm alpine hut via the ski path. The tour continues onwards to the top station of the Glungezer T-bar lift. Stay on the piste at an altitude of 2,100m, before turning right along the Schäferhütten piste towards the shepherd's hut. The rest of the way to Glungezer Hütte alpine hut is signposted. Just before reaching the hut, a broken section of the route has been secured with a rope. From the hut, it's just a couple of minutes further to the Glungezer summit and the Sonnenspitze peak.


570 M 570 M
medium medium
This short ski tour is, thanks to its manageable length, also suitable for children and beginners. For those who wish to shorten their ascent, the cable car is readily available. the HochAlterBahn, the Schwarzmooslift and the Kaiserbahn cable cars cut across the route.

Hintere Karlesspitze

915 M 915 M
medium medium
A wonerful ski tour across the Obere Issalm and through the Wörgetal valley. Tourers can reach the summit via many various routes.

Hoher Seblaskogel

1608 M 1.608 M
hard hard
A popular ski touring area near the Westfalenhaus alpine hut, open from mid-February to the end of April. A storage room for skis is available. This difficult tour is ideal for practiced ski tourers, and begins in Lüsens. After around 5.5 hours, you'll reach the summit.
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