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For all those who are looking for deceleration in nature and are good at skiing, a ski tour is just the thing. On this page we present some tour suggestions. As with all alpine activities, the same applies here: The athlete:s must check the conditions and risks themselves before each tour, carry adequate avalanche equipment and follow the information provided by theTyrol Avalanche Warning Service . Innsbruck Tourismus assumes no responsibility for snow conditions, avalanche danger and external influences.

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Rietzer Grieskogel

989 M 989 M
medium medium
One of the most popular ski tours in the Sellrain Valley leads up the "Rietzer" mountain. The tour provides wonderful views of the Inn Valley and is moderately difficult, with an elevation gain of almost 1,000 vertical metres.

Roter Kogel

1800 M 1.800 M
easy easy
Starting point is the ice bridge in Fotschertal, then follow the toboggan run towards Bergheim Fotsch alpine hut. A beautiful ski tour with attractive and scenic flat stretches punctuated by slopes with intermediate-level climbing difficulty.

Roter Kogel

1233 M 1.233 M
medium medium
The Roter Kogel is a very popular peak for ski tours at the far end of Sellraintal. With more than 1200m in altitude difference to overcome, fitness is a high priority.


378 M 378 M
medium medium
A ski tour with a wonderful downhill near the Pforzheimer Hütte alpine hut, open from mid-February to the end of April. A storage room for skis is available.


1315 M 1.315 M
medium medium
An extremely popular and highly-used ski tour in the Fotschertal valley. Start at the ice bridge in Sellrain.


530 M 530 M
medium medium
Schafzoll is situated between the Mittertal and Wörgetal valleys, and is an extremly popular touring destination with 530m in altitude difference to conquer. We recommend two hours for the tour.

Schartlkopf (Samerschlag)

1308 M 1.308 M
medium medium
A wonderful ski tour near the Pforzheimer Hütte alpine hut, which is open from mid-February to the end of April. A winter room is available.


1209 M 1.209 M
medium medium
A wonderful peak with beautiful views. Starting point for this intermediate-level tour is in Lüsens.

Patscherkofel mountain lift station – Patscherkofel summit

294 M 294 M
easy easy
On-piste ski tour This is a great ski tour for beginners that leads from the top of Patscherkofelbahn lift, past the "Schutzhaus" mountain refuge and up to the summit. The route follows a forest road with wonderful views. It is quite easy to master and does not include any steep sections.  The tour can be combined with a ride up the mountain on the Patscherkofelbahn lift. Opening times for on-piste ski tourers and snowshoers: Daily from 9 am to 6 pm Thursdays from 9 am to 10 pm The pistes are closed for ski touring at all other times. Additional piste closures may occur and must be observed at all times. Important information for on-piste ski touring (Source: Kuratorium für alpine Sicherheit)   The ski pistes are primarily available for cable car and lift users. To avoid accidents and conflicts, we ask you to observe the following recommendations in addition to adhering to the FIS rules: 1. Observe warnings and local regulations 2. Observe piste closures when a piste or a section of a piste is closed. Dangerous and life-threatening situations may occur when piste machinery is in use, especially cable winches, etc. Pistes may, therefore, be closed for safety reasons for the duration of the work. 3. Only tour up the edge of the piste and in single file. 4. Only cross the piste at points where you are clearly visible and leave plenty of space between one another. 5. Only ski down the edge of freshly prepared pistes. Tracks that freeze overnight can severely affect the quality of the piste. 6. Leave the piste before 6 pm or before 10 pm on Thursdays. 7. Be visible. If it is dark or in the case of poor visibility, wear a head torch, reflective clothing, etc. 8. If there are pistes specifically designated for on-piste ski touring, only use these pistes. 9. Do not take dogs on the pistes. 10. Use the designated car parking areas and pay any applicable parking fees.

Ski Tour - Vitalweg Patscherkofel

296 M 296 M
easy easy
This route runs off-piste between the Patscherkofel cable-car middle station and the Patscher Alm alpine hut, with an easy ascent to the Hochmahalm and Schutzhaus huts. The trail offers wonderful views along the forest path. This simple ski tour is also suitable for beginners and avoids any steep climbs. This route can also be combined with using the cable car for ascent, and is only suitable when enough snow is lying. Descent is always possible via the piste. Opening times for on-piste ski tourers: Daily from 9am to 6pm Thursdays from 9am to 10pm The pistes are closed for ski touring at all other times. Additional closures may also occur. Important advice for on-piste tourers. (Source: Board of Trustees for Alpine Safety) Ski pistes are primarily available for cable car and lift users. To avoid conflicts and accidents, we ask you, in addition to the FIS rules, to adhere to the following: 1. Warnings and local regulations 2. Be aware of any piste closures. The use of heavy piste machinery (winches, etc.) can lead to dangerous situations. Pistes will be closed for safety reasons for the duration of any use of heavy machinery. 3. Only join the piste at the edge and in single file. 4. Only cross the pistes at clear points and with enough distance between one another. 5. Only use the edges of freshly-prepared pistes. Overnight freezing of trails can lead to poorer quality pistes. 6. Ensure you leave the piste before 6pm, and 10pm on Thursdays. 7. Be visible. Wear a headlamp and reflective clothing in the dark. 8. Only use pistes specially designated for touring. 9. Do not bring dogs onto the pistes.
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