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We remain under the influence of warm, moist air. The morning, in particular, will bring very pleasant conditions. Low early morning mist will clear away to give a sunny first half of the day. The air will become sultry.

In the afternoon, cumulus cloud may lead to showers or thunderstorms.


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will then be very cloudy and rainy.

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Both the Mittertal and Wörgetal, wide and lovely pastoral landscapes of primordial rock, are 2600 meters high and are connected with one another by the adventurous Theodor-Streich Trail. In a rocky landscape reminiscent of the Dolomites, you cross through the narrow, partially cable-secured strips of the Scharte with splendid views out to both sides. If you hike through the harmless chain of summits of the Windeggspitzen afterwards, you will experience a bevy of ever-changing impressions, from the zone of green pines to the alpine region beneath the forbidding Acherkogel. On Trail No. 148, you first go around the eastern and southern side of the Längental reservoir once again and follow at the dam the signs to “Bielefelder Hütte”. After a short ascent through the narrow pine forest, the path heads comfortably into the valley to begin with, towards a forbiddingly dark gathering of cliffs. In the middle of the valley, the trail crosses the stream and then ascends on the sunny western side up a rather steep, green pyramid. A short, almost flat segment of the trail leads into the picturesque scenery of huge boulders, a “city of stones” behind which is tucked a lonely mountain lake. The path then traverses the steep southern side of the Wörgegratspitze scree cirque. Along narrow strips, the ingeniously planned route then leads through rough-hewn, moderately steep rocks to the Mittertaler Scharte, where the view into the Ötztal opens out between the rocky pinnacles. A short, cable-secured descent leads to the marked fork, to the left the path goes directly and steeply down to the Bielefeld Hut, to the right the markings lead one over narrow, airy strips through the rocky western flank of the Wörgetalspitze. At the northern end of this rocky flank, the ridge of the Windeggspitzen begins, which is crossed via a rather exposed, very narrow ascent in the eastern flank. It is more rewarding to take the pathless traverse of the entire chain of summits, which presents no noteworthy problems, yet offers an ongoing series of magnificent views out to both sides as well as an open view along the ridge all the way to the Wetterkreuzkogel. For the descent, the Wörgetal is recommended, which gives one a completely different impression, bathed in the warmth of the afternoon sun. Altitude difference: 700 meters Time: 3 1/2 hours
Tourismusinformation Kühtai
Kühtai 42
6183 Kühtai
Altitude up 546 m
Highest Point 2436 m
Route length 4.4 km
Duration ascend 2h 30min
Best season Sommer
City Kühtai
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