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We remain under the influence of warm, moist air. The morning, in particular, will bring very pleasant conditions. Low early morning mist will clear away to give a sunny first half of the day. The air will become sultry.

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Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will then be very cloudy and rainy.

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Dear geocachers,

At this geocache, we want to show you the close surroundings of Pfaffenhofen. The snapshot above shows you the view over the neighbouring market town of Telfs from the municipal area of Pfaffenhofen. The path to the treasure takes around 1.5 hours.

You can leave your caching vehicle in front of the municipal building at N 47° 17.902 E 011° 04.964, and there is also an ÖBB P&R car park.

Parish church
N 47° 17.953
E 011° 04.953

Your first question takes you to the Pfaffenhofen parish church, once the seat of an itinerant bishop. There is a war memorial here. What adorns the point of the memorial?

- A dragon: A= 5
- An eagle: A= 9
- The figure of a saint: A= 1

Play area
N 47° 17.862
E 011° 04.781

The next waypoint takes you to a play area. Count the "towers" in the wooden wall. Add the number 2 to the number of towers and note the result as B.


N 47° 17.783
E 011° 04.546

Here you will find a viewpoint. Looking towards the North, you will see an orange-yellow building. How many of the building's towers can you see? Write the number down as C.


Bistro Höll
N 47° 17.561
E 011° 04.375

It is relatively far to the waypoint. Don't get discouraged, and follow the marked path. Once you arrive at the coordinates, you will see the Bistro Höll. What frames the entrance?

- 2 trees: D= 3
- 2 stones: D= 0
- 2 concrete pillars D= 8

D =

N 47° 17.587
E 011° 04.453

Here you will find two signposts. Add up the digits of the number on the upper sign and write the number down as E.


Hörtenberg Ruins
Now follow the path to the Hörtenberg Castle ruins. Trespassing on the neighbouring property is forbidden (see “Betreten verboten” signs), so please respect the owner's wishes. First mentioned in a deed in 1227, by 1300, Hörtenberg Castle was the place of jurisdiction of a very large region. On August 5th, 1706, lightning ignited the powder stores (approx. 1500 hundredweight), with the majority of the castle being destroyed in the ensuing explosion. The only remnant was the keep which is still visible today.

While you are here, you can also grab the cache Telfer Ansichten #1

N 47° 17.666
E 011° 04.767

How many windows, doors, arrow slits etc. do you see on the western side of the tower? Write down this number as F.


The treasure's hiding place
The path to the treasure takes you a short way back.
N 47° 17. EC(F-1)
E 011° 04.(A-C)(D+C)(B+1)

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Multi-Cache - Hoch über Pfaffenhofen

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