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A large area of low pressure is situated over Central Europe! Low pressure does not necessarily mean bad weather as each low contains areas of rain as well as brighter areas. For today we should be pessimistic, however! Unfortunately, our region is at the heart of the main area of precipitation and we will therefore get thick cloud and frequent precipitation.


On Wednesday, high pressure will increase and the risks of showers decrease. Simultaneously, temperatures will rise.

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Dear geocachers!

This multicache takes you through Hatting and shows you the natural beauty of the Gaisau between Hatting and Inzing. The path to the treasure takes around 1.5 hours on foot.

You can park your car at the following parking coordinates:
N 47° 16.597
E 011°10.092

Hatting bandstand
N 47° 16.602
E 011° 10.041

You will find the first clue to the treasure's hiding place at the bandstand in Hatting. Here you will find a year. Add up the digits of the year and write this down as A.

A =

Fork in the path
N 47° 16.626
E 011° 10.219

At the next waypoint you will find a fork. What is the name of this path? How many letters are there on this signpost? Write this number down as B. To reach the next clue you can either follow this path for a bit or walk along the country road.

B =

Information sign
N 47° 16.580
E 011° 10.411

These coordinates can find a railing. As metal uprights keep the transom? Add 1 and note the number you as C.

C =

A cosy little spot
N 47° 16.620
E 011° 10.616

This bench is a wonderful place to take a rest. Many hikers are sure to have already taken advantage of this spot. How many wooden boards on this bench serve as a seat? Multiply this number by 6 and note the number as D.

D =

Over the fields
N 47° 16.750
E 011° 10.970

The rest of the path will take you across the fields between Hatting and Inzing. You will find a service station. How many animals are shown on the box. Double the number and write it down as E.

E =

In the Gaisau
N 47° 16.795
E 011° 11.473

The Gaisau, located in the municipal areas of Hatting, Inzing and Pettnau, has been under special protection since June 2009. Rare birds such as the kingfisher have a place to breed and hunt for food here. Please keep to the marked path.

Here you will find a yellow hiking path signpost. Which path number leads to the Gaisau? Write this number down as F.

F =

The treasure's hiding place
You will find the treasure at:
N 47° (A+B).(D-10)(C-E-F)(B-4)
E 011° (B+E).EA(F+2)

City Mieming
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Multi-Cache - Idylle in Hatting

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