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We remain under the influence of warm, moist air. The morning, in particular, will bring very pleasant conditions. Low early morning mist will clear away to give a sunny first half of the day. The air will become sultry.

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Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will then be very cloudy and rainy.

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Dear cacher,

At the foot of the Maria Locherboden pilgrimage church lies the dreamy town of Mötz. This town has been able to conserve the charm of a traditional Tyrolean village to the present day. This multicache requires around 1.5 hours.

Park your car at
N 47° 17.081
E 010° 57.797

Through the green forest
N 47° 17.048
E 010° 57.739

Here you will find a lovely forest path heading towards Mötz. You will also find a large natural gas sign. Find the number before "Nr." and write it down as A.

A =

N 47° 16.941
E 010° 57.440

How long does it take to walk to Locherboden? Divide the number of minutes by 10. Write the number down as B.

B =

Village well in Mötz
N 47° 16.896
E 010° 57.325

You will see a saint on the well. What is he doing?

Killing a dragon: C = 4
Putting out a house fire: C = 5
Dividing his cloak: C = 7

C =

Jechle Chapel
N 47° 16.694
E 010° 56.829

How many stone steps lead to the chapel? Write the number down as D.

D =

N 47° 16.536
E 010° 56.751

On the southern side of the Birgele there is a small chapel. Count the benches in front of the chapel, double this, and call it E.

E =

Anger Chapel
N 47°16.616
E 010° 57.297

Here in the Anger Chapel, you will find an image of the Virgin Mary. How many angels are holding the crown above her? Write down this number as F.

F =

Pedestrian crossing
N 47° 16.826
E 010° 57.375

The following waypoint will take you to a pedestrian crossing sign. How far is the pedestrian crossing? Divide the distance by 4 and write the number down as G.


Fork in the path
N 47° 16.950
E 010° 57.533

On the rail you will find some signs. Count the yellow ones an call it H.


The treasure
You will find the treasure at
N 47° (G+A).(B+C)(E+H)(D-A)
E 010° (E+H)D.(F+B)A(G-B+1)

From the treasure's hiding place, it is only a short way to the Maria Locherboden pilgrimage church. It is worth a visit for the incredible view alone. You can then return to your car via the road. On the way to the pilgrimage church, it's worth making a small detour to the stone labyrinth at N 47° 16.850 E 010° 57.631.

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Multi-Cache - Verträumtes Mötz

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