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Reaching the village of Kühtai by road bike from one of the three starting points in Kematen, Haiming or Ötz is a considerable sporting challenge. No matter which starting point you choose, Kühtai is one of the toughest alpine rides in the greater Innsbruck area. The route from Kematen covers 23.93 kilometres and a difference in altitude of 1,393 vertical metres.

The Kühtai Rodeo is a challenge with a single goal, to reach Kühtai (the finish area in front of the tourist information in the village centre) within one day from all three starting points. That means covering a total of 122 kilometres and 4,250 vertical meters from the villages of Kematen, Ötz and Haiming. You can choose to start the Kühtai Rodeo at the roundabout in Kematen, Ötz or Haiming and these roundabouts are also the turning points. 

When starting the Rodeo in Kematen, for example, you ride up to Kühtai and then down to Ochsengarten, up a short distance to the Haiminger Sattele and then down to Haiming. At the roundabout in Haiming, you turn around and battle back up 1,000 vertical metres to the Haiminger Sattele, cruise down to Ochsengarten and then ride back up to Kühtai on the extremely steep and notorious "Stopfer" climb. In this case, the descent leads back down to Ochsengarten but instead of riding back up to the Haiminger Sattele, you continue a rapid descent via Ötzerau to the roundabout in Ötz. At the roundabout, you turn around and head back up to Kühtai one last time. From Ötz, the route covers 1,200 vertical metres of sometimes steep terrain. Once in Kühtai, you can call yourself a Kühtai Cowboy or Kühtai Cowgirl. The finale is the fast ride back down to Kematen.
Tourismus Information Kühtai
Kühtai 42
6183 Kühtai
Altitude up 4250 m
Altitude down 4250 m
Highest Point 2020 m
Route length 122 km
Starting point Kematen, Ötz, Haiming
Endpoint Kematen, Ötz, Haiming
Best season Mai - Oktober
City Kühtai
Trail surface Asphaltierte Straßen. Alle in ausgezeichnetem Zustand.
Circular route
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The Kühtai Rodeo

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