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The weather is barely changing at the moment. An area of low pressure lies over Central Europe and is heading slowly east. There will be sunny spells in the morning, and then the cloud will thicken and cause thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening.


During the following days, we should lower our expectations of the weather! The general weather situation will not change and even more humid air masses will move into Central Europe.

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Day 1 – Duration: about 9 hours
Start is at Oberhofen town hall's car park (622m) and the route heads south along the road to Reasnhof. From here, take the left bend and follow the forest path towards the Oberhofer Melkalm alpine hut(about 3 hours). From the hut, it's then along Neuburgersteig to Marktlbach. Take the path to the right and heads towards Kanzigbach and across Flaurlinger Scharte (2,400m) along a narrow trail downhill to the serviced Zirnbachalm alpine hut (1,797m) at Kühtai (Accommodation available at Zirnbachalm).

Day 2 – Duration: about 6 hours
From the Zirnbachalm, follow the signs along the Kühati road towards the valley entrance, then cross the alluvial cone and head uphill across steep terrain to Haggener Sonnberg (2,140m, flat but winding). Follow the arrows towards 'Seejoch'. The route now becomes flatter and takes you directly to Haggener Wandl. Upon arrival at the rock face, the route goes east in varying degrees of steepness to Peider Scharte (2,591m). From here, follow the signposts to the idyllically-located Taxer See mountain lake (2,282m). The route then heads throught the Seetal valley along the stream and downhill to the serviced Flaurlinger Alm alpine hut (1,613m) with accommodation.

Day 3 – Duration: about 4-5 hours
Follow the path from Flaurlinger Alm and, after five minutes, you'll reach the serviced Oberhofer Galtalm nearby (only alpine products available). Head across Marktlsteig and, after the Marktlbach stream, take the Peter-Anich-Höhenweg towards Oberhofer Melkalm alpine hut (about 2-3 hours), and then follow the forest path back into the valley and Oberhofen.
Tourismus Information Telfs
Untermarktstraße 1
6410 Telfs
Altitude up 3305 m
Altitude down 3308 m
Highest Point 2615 m
Route length 42.7 km
Duration ascend 19h 30min
Total duration 19h 30min
Starting point centre of Oberhofen
Endpoint centre of Oberhofen
Best season May - October
City Telfs
Trail surface forest road, trail
Circular route
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Three-day-tour: Oberhofer Höhenweg - Kühtai - Flaurlinger Alm

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