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The weather is barely changing at the moment. An area of low pressure lies over Central Europe and is heading slowly east. There will be sunny spells in the morning, and then the cloud will thicken and cause thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening.


During the following days, we should lower our expectations of the weather! The general weather situation will not change and even more humid air masses will move into Central Europe.

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1) Use the PWR button to switch on the device.
The satellites will now be “tracked” in order to obtain precise GPS data.

2) Use the PAGE and ENTER buttons to navigate. You can access different display/entry levels with the PAGE button and use the ENTER button to confirm the details entered. Use the arrows to move up and down.

3) Once you have switched on your device, keep pressing PAGE until the main menu appears (“mark” option, waypoints, routes, etc.).

4) If you want to search for caches, you need to access the WAYPOINTS menu. Select this menu and press ENTER. A new window will then open. Scroll down and select NEXT to view the next waypoint that you need to find.

5) A list of waypoints that have already been entered will now open. Click on ENTER to access the CHANGE WAYPOINT menu. Now use the ENTER button to select the GPS coordinates that you want to change, which are displayed at the very bottom of the screen.

6) You can now enter the new coordinates. To do so, use the arrows to select the number that you want to change. Press ENTER and a drop-down menu will open. Use the arrows to select the required number and confirm by pressing ENTER. Once you have finished changing the coordinates, press OK.

7) You will then be taken back to the previous page, where you should select GO TO. By doing so, you send your GPS device the command to display the route to the new coordinates.

8) The large navigation arrow normally points towards your target destination after a few steps. This is because the navigation device needs you to move before it can ascertain the direction in which you are moving.

Please note: If you have to solve a puzzle in which you have to work out the (single-figure) digit sum of a number, you need to work out the total of the numbers. In the case of the number 1952, for example, 1+9+5+2 = 17 and the single-figure digit sum of 17 is 1+7 = 8.
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