Rejuvenation for tired feet.

Taut calves since 1850. Sebastian Kneipp discovered the power of cold water in the middle of the 19th century, a power that refreshes tired legs, improves circulation and awakens the spirit on hot days. The fitness pioneer tested his hydrotherapy on himself, and even the Pope became a great devotee. Try it out. There are Kneipp pools in Axams, Igls, Gries, Lans and Kematen. It's only a short walk through the cold water, but it does an awful lot of good.

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Gries 17 , 6182 Gries im Sellrain

+43 5236 / 224

The Kneipp therapy facility provides ideal refreshment for body, mind and soul, especially on hot days. ...

Kneipp facility in Igls

Hilberstraße 15 , 6080 Igls

+43 512 / 37 71 01


The Kneipp therapy facility in Igls is located directly in the village centre. If you are coming from Innsbruck,...

Kneipp facility in Lans

Römerstraße 116 , 6072 Lans

+43 512 / 37 81 78

An open-air Kneipp therapy facility is located south of the Lanserhof health centre. The wading and arm pools are...

Kneipp therapy in Kematen

Innsbrucker Straße , 6175 Kematen

+43 5232 / 23 00

The Kneipp therapy area at the bus stop near the church in Kematen provides refreshment on hot summer days. ...

Kneipp bath Axams

Sylvester-Jordan-Straße 31 , 6094 Axams

+43 5234 / 68 11 00

This Kneipp trail features several cold water pools for cooling refreshment. The tradition of "Kneipp therapy" goes...

Only in summer!

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