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5 bridge circuit

4.8 KM 4.8 KM
13 M 13 M
easy easy
A flat circular route along the Inn Promenade in the centre of Innsbruck. (Also suitable for winter runs and Nordic walking) First head west towards the Karwendelbrücke bridge. When you reach the bridge, cross the River Inn and turn left to continue along the river. The route passes the Freiburgerbrücke and Universitätsbrücke bridges. When you come to the Inn Bridge by the historic Herzog-Otto-Burg building at the entrance to the historic old town, continue straight on along the river. When you reach the Emile-Béthouart-Steg bridge, cross the river and then follow the path along the Inn back to the starting point. 

Bergisel run

4.6 KM 4.6 KM
140 M 140 M
hard hard
Wilderness, nature, major traffic routes, sport, history and culture; all on a circular run covering just under 5 km. Shortly after the starting point at the Bretterkeller restaurant, you come to St. Bartlmä. From there, turn to continue along the tram lines into the Sill Gorge. Follow the Bergisel-Rundweg route to the Sonnenburger Hof and then join the forest trail that later becomes forest roads and lanes to the Bergisel stadium. From there, the route continues past the Andreas Hofer monument and zigzags down to the Bierstindl restaurant before doing a final loop past Wilten Abbey and back to the starting point.

Campus circuit

2.4 KM 2.4 KM
6 M 6 M
easy easy
A short, flat route near the University where you are sure to pass other people. (Also suitable for winter runs and Nordic walking) A flat route that leads west along the Inn Promenade to the Fachwerkbrücke bridge, also known as the Karwendel bridge. Cross the river and continue downstream on the right-hand side of the Inn until you reach the Universitätsbrücke bridge. Turn left to cross the bridge and continue along the circular route back to the starting point, which also marks the end of the run.

Eichhof trail

8.5 KM 8.5 KM
250 M 250 M
hard hard
A long and challenging route in the south of the city full of excellent trail highlights.

The Grafen-Schleife loop (41)

4.8 KM 4.8 KM
191 M 191 M
medium medium
A fantastic forest circuit east of Judenstein This circular route starts in Judenstein and leads northeast, past the church and diagonally across the football field before heading down into the forest. From there, it follows beautiful forest trails, mostly along the edge of the forest, without any significant changes in altitude or direction. The route makes a wide loop around the hamlet of Grafen, leading through fields and alpine meadows, past Untere Hochstraße and back to the starting point.

Grenoble speed

3.2 KM 3.2 KM
3 M 3 M
easy easy
This flat route initially leads east towards the New Orleans bridge. When you reach the bridge, cross the river and turn right to continue along the southern bank. This section of the route includes a special feature: an interval is marked every 200 metres along the path for 1,000 metres.  The route continues straight on to the Grenobler Brücke bridge and crosses the river again. From there, turn right and follow the path along the Inn back to the starting point. A short training route at the end of the Fit 2000 course between Rossau and the Olympic Village (O-Dorf). (Also suitable for winter runs and Nordic walking)

Hasental trail (38)

8.1 KM 8.1 KM
244 M 244 M
hard hard
A demanding, scenic and very varied route. The trail starts from Wiesenhöfe and leads in a large loop through the forest, down to the Hasenheide sports ground and on to the Taxerhof. After a gentle ascent, the route leads more steeply downhill into the Hasental valley and then flattens out to follow the right-hand side of the valley. From there, a short but steep climb leads up to Mooshöfe and then along the edge of the forest back to the starting point.

Heiligwasser circuit (31)

8.8 KM 8.8 KM
377 M 377 M
hard hard
A challenging and sometimes steep route to the Heiligwasser pilgrimage church. Start in the Kurpark spa gardens and follow the route up through the Serleswald woods to Römerstraße road. Cross the road and follow the Speckbacherweg trail towards Patsch. Before reaching the village of Patsch, head up to the Patscher Kreuzweg trail and continue to the Heiligwasser alpine guesthouse. Once you get to the highest point, follow the path down through the forest to the fields around Sistrans. From there, follow the forest trails that lead slowly downhill and back to the Kurpark spa gardens.  

Höttinger-Höfe-Weg trail

9.7 KM 9.7 KM
300 M 300 M
hard hard
A challenging run on fantastic trails through the home of the old Hötting farms. The route initially climbs up to Grauer-Stein-Weg road before continuing along the Karwendel railway to Allerheiligenhöfe train station. From the Berchtoldshof restaurant, the route leads into the forest, along a root-laced path and past the Grüner Boden playground. The route then continues via Butterer Bichl to the Schießstand guesthouse before joining challenging paths leading to Burgstadl road. From there, the route is all downhill, past the Botanical Institute to the end of the run.


6.3 KM 6.3 KM
320 M 320 M
hard hard
A very challenging route in the Hötting district that starts from the shore of the River Inn and leads up to Gramartboden.

Hungerburg climb

3.4 KM 3.4 KM
300 M 300 M
hard hard
The almost forgotten shortest link between the city centre and the Hungerburg district. Very steep in parts. The route starts at the Universitätsbrücke (University Bridge) and leads east along the River Inn. At the Innsteg bridge, it turns left to lead up past the Parish Church of St Nicholas before getting steeper and finally coming to a corner where it meets the Höhenstraße road. From there, continue along very steep forest trails up to Sprengerkreuz and Höttinger Steinbruch. After this point, the forest trails become less steep for the rest of the climb up to the Hungerburg district. Finally, a short paved section leads you to the church at the end of the route.

Klammgeist run

10.4 KM 10.4 KM
145 M 145 M
medium medium
This route makes a wide loop around the airport, passing through the districts of Kranebitten and Hötting-West. The run leads along the embankment of the River Inn to the striking red house, around Innsbruck Airport and slightly uphill into the forest until it reaches Kranebitten playground. From there, it continues behind the Peerhofsiedlung development at the edge of the forest to Allerheiligenhöfe. The route then leads downhill along the Karwendel railway to Grauer-Stein-Weg road, where it turns right and zigzags down to Speckweg road. Finally, this road leads back down to the starting point.

Short Wilten mountain route

4.8 KM 4.8 KM
210 M 210 M
hard hard
A medium-length trail in the south of Innsbruck for a short and intense training session.

Knappen trail

7.3 KM 7.3 KM
510 M 510 M
hard hard
This very challenging trail leads up to the Rauschbrunnen mountain hut above Innsbruck's Kranebitten district before heading back along almost forgotten trails in the Knappental valley. 

Lanser Kopf run (27)

10.3 KM 10.3 KM
338 M 338 M
hard hard
A challenging and very varied circular trail between Igls and Innsbruck. Start at the Kneipp therapy facility and follow the route downhill to the Viller Moor marshland. Then comes a short climb up to Turmbichl and the moraine. The route continues from the moraine down to the Viller Moor marshland and straight back up into the forest. After a short but intensive climb along forest trails, the route leads back downhill to the Poltenhütte farmhouse and on to Tantegert. From Tantegert, the route leads slightly uphill through the forest again and then follows the edge of the forest towards the village of Aldrans. Before you reach Aldrans, turn onto the short steep paved road that leads down to Mühlbach stream. Follow the stream slightly uphill to Mühlsee lake and then after the Mühlsee, follow a short steep section up to the golf course. Cross the golf course and follow the route as it climbs steeply uphill to the highest point of the run. From the Lanser Kopf, follow the route down to Lanser See lake and then via the Viller Moor back to the starting point at the Kneipp therapy facility. Forest paths and dirt roads, few paved or gravel roads. 

Natural Health Trail run (36)

6.5 KM 6.5 KM
181 M 181 M
easy easy
A run through pure nature, past places of exceptional beauty and relaxation. Start at the Kneipp therapy facility in Lans, located south of the Lanserhof health centre, and first head through the Ullwald forest towards the village of Igls. When you get to the Hotel Eagles Inn, turn right in front of the building and cross Lanser Straßer road to follow the route towards Lanser See lake. The route then leads straight over the Wiesenparkplatz car par at Lanser See lake and continues towards the Viller Moor. Follow the path first downhill and then back up to Lanser See lake. Immediately after the swimming facility, turn left onto the forest and meadow path and then turn right. Follow the dry paths along the former peatland harvesting site and then make a left turn up towards Lanser Kopf. Once at the top, turn right to run around the Lanser Kopf and then follow the path back down. Turn left towards Lans golf course and continue past the charming Vogelhütte cafe before turning left again down to Mühlsee lake. Finally, follow the Mühlenweg trail back to Lans. In cooperation with biologists and doctors, the Lanserhof health centre has been searching for landscape factors that demonstrate particularly relaxing effects in order to make the therapeutic potential of nature even more accessible to guests. This route was selected and signposted based on medical findings concerning recreational and relaxation therapy. It leads past landscape elements that have been shown to have a particularly relaxing effect and thus promotes conscious relaxation in nature.

Marterl circuit (40)

3.7 KM 3.7 KM
60 M 60 M
easy easy
A short, easy circular run around Judenstein The route starts parallel to the Grafen-Schleife loop and then turns off by the large wayside cross to head straight across to Obere Hochstraße. The run then continues southwest, past the Pestkreuz cross and the Rinn sports ground to the southern end of Rinn. Finally, the route crosses meadows and fields back to the starting point in Judenstein. A highlight of the run is that you pass eight "Marterl" (wayside crosses) along the way and this is how the route got its name.

Moor circuit

0.6 KM 0.6 KM
10 M 10 M
easy easy
A flat 600-metre-long route around the Moor to round off the fitness trail in the south.

Mühlau trail

10.5 KM 10.5 KM
245 M 245 M
hard hard
A scenic and undulating route that leads through the district of Mühlau. First follow the route east to the Hans-Psenner-Steg bridge. Cross the bridge and continue uphill towards the Alpine Zoo. Below Judenbichl hill, turn right and follow the path to Mühlau. The path then passes the former Kroneöl factory and the graveyard before reaching a steeper and more challenging section up to the model plane site. At the edge of the forest, the path leads left, back past the Alpine Zoo and all the way back down to the River Inn. 

Panoramic trail on the western alpine plateau – running route

9.6 KM 9.6 KM
533 M 533 M
easy easy
Running route: The panoramic trail runs to the south and southeast of the western alpine plateau and leads from the villages of Mutters, Natters, Götzens, Birgitz and Axams to Grinzens. It is possible to start the run in any of the villages. The route primarily follows forest trails and there are plenty of benches along the way for relaxing and taking a break. Along the route, there are sections with beautiful views of the villages on the plateau, the Inn Valley, the city of Innsbruck and the Nordkette mountain range.  

River run

13.3 KM 13.3 KM
10 M 10 M
medium medium
A long, flat circular run that leads along the River Inn and the Sill river in Innsbruck. Also suitable for winter runs and Nordic walking.  From the starting point, follow the river downstream to the Emile-Béthouart-Steg bridge, cross to the other side of the river and continue east to the circular Riesenrundgemälde building. Cross the River Inn again and continue until you reach the Olympic Village (O-Dorf) and the boundary of the city. Turn by crossing the "New Orleans Brücke" bridge and heading back into the city along the Inn and Sill rivers until you reach the Rapoldipark park. You will pass the Zeughaus museum, the "Messe" exhibition centre and the Congress building before reaching the River Inn again.   

Rauschbrunnen circuit

8.3 KM 8.3 KM
450 M 450 M
hard hard
A very challenging route to a destination that is popular among Innsbruck locals. The route starts at the Gasthaus Planötzenhof restaurant and leads slightly downhill to the Sadrach district before continuing past Grüner Boden to the Buzihütte mountain hut. From there, a long steep section leads up to the Kollandbrunnen fountain, where you meet the Stangensteig trail. This trail runs parallel to the Rauschbrunnen circuit for a short distance before coming to a long steep section that zigzags up to the Rauschbrunnen mountain hut. From there, the route leads downhill to the east, first along the Knappensteig trail and then on a forest road, past the Höttinger Bild chapel and back to the starting point.

Rosengarten (30)

6320 KM 6320 KM
151 M 151 M
medium medium
A moderately difficult, medium-length route through very scenic landscapes. This route starts in the Kurpark spa gardens, crosses Patscher Straße road and then heads up through the forest with some short and some longer climbs. From there, you follow the route through the Rosengarten Nature Reserve to the fields below Goldbichl hill. Once you reach the highest point, the route goes back down to the Grünwalderhof hotel and over dirt roads to Pfaffenbichl before following the sunny Fernkreuzweg road back to the Kneipp therapy facility in the village centre of Igls. Mainly forest trails with some paved and gravel roads

Rosnerweg run

2.7 KM 2.7 KM
71 M 71 M
easy easy
An ideal, flat training route with one short, steep walking section.  This route starts at the end of the "Forstmeile" fitness trail and initially leads south before turning almost immediately onto a soft, flat forest trail leading west. The route stays almost parallel to the slope the entire way, crossing the Arzler-Alm-Weg trail, until it reaches the Rosnerweg trail. The route then continues over the flat avalanche barrier to a short but very steep section. At the end of this section, the route leads west and is either flat or moderately downhill all the way back to the starting point.

Sebastian Kandler run

5.6 KM 5.6 KM
240 M 240 M
medium medium
A running route with alpine character up in the Hungerburg district that follows the Amarellersteig path up to the Arzler Alm mountain hut.

The Seegruben Trophy

7.2 KM 7.2 KM
1449 M 1.449 M
hard hard
A challenging mountain run that takes you up past Innsbruck's mountain huts and alpine pastures to the Seegrube. This challenging alpine running route starts in the Hungerburg district and leads up the "3er" ski slope, initially at a moderate incline that gets progressively steeper until you reach the Umbrüggler Alm mountain hut. From there, you follow steep mountain paths up to the Höttinger Alm mountain hut, followed by the only flat section of the route across to the Bodenstein Alm mountain hut, which gives you a little time to gather energy ready to take on the very steep final climb from the Bodenstein Alm up to the Seegrube.

Lake run around Seerosenweiher pond in Lans (34)

3.4 KM 3.4 KM
78 M 78 M
easy easy
This flat, short, circular trail leads around the "Seerosenweiher" lily pond in Lans. The route starts at the tram stop Lans/Sistrans and initially leads slightly downhill along the paved road to the charming Vogelhütte cafe. Follow the route past the Vogelhütte, along the golf course and past the Seerosenweiher pond to Lanser See lake. The trail mostly runs through the forest or along the edge of the forest. From Lanser See lake, follow the route up to the car park on Lanser Straße road and then continue along the paved road that follows the tram line back to the start of the hike. A beautiful circular route and also perfect for Nordic walking.

The Sill-Inn loop

10.8 KM 10.8 KM
30 M 30 M
medium medium
This route starts at the Bretterkeller restaurant and leads downstream along the Sill river. It takes you through Rapoldipark park directly to the Sill, which you follow to the point where it flows into the River Inn. From there, follow the Inn Promenade southeast along the river to Baggersee lake. The route then continues west, through the Amras district, past the Wiesengasse sports fields and finally past the Tivoli stadium back to the starting point.

Sonnenplateau Weg trail (35)

6.7 KM 6.7 KM
180 M 180 M
medium medium
A sunny and very scenic route between the villages of Lans and Sistrans. The route starts at the Kneipp therapy facility in Lans and initially leads along the edge of the forest before crossing the road that leads from Lans to Patsch. The run then continues along dirt roads, first uphill and then on flat terrain towards Sistrans. The route passes through sunny fields on the edge of the village and leads along easy, undulating paths to the Gletscherkapelle chapel before passing through a short wooded area towards Rans. From there, the route crosses flat, open fields to Lans, passes through the village and then, at the far end of the village, turns left to lead back uphill to the starting point. 

City forest walk

4.7 KM 4.7 KM
145 M 145 M
medium medium
A medium-length circular walk that passes well-known highlights in the Hungerburg area while also following some of the less common paths. From the starting point in the Hungerburg district, first head west along the low-traffic paved road to Gramartboden. From there, the route starts along a steep forest road but soon joins a wonderful, flat and very beautiful forest path. Follow this path east through Innsbruck's city forest and then along the "Maria im Walde" trail, past the small shrine of the same name and all the way to the Kreuzbrunnen fountain. From there, the route leads pleasantly downhill, crossing under the Nordkettenbahn cable car to join the Rosnerweg trail, which leads west back to the starting point.

Stangensteig trail

9 KM 9 KM
270 M 270 M
hard hard
This trail follows an undulating path through wonderful alpine landscapes – an ideal training route without any paved sections. The route starts at the Planötzenhof restaurant and follows beautiful forest paths up to a forest road, which then leads west without any significant differences in altitude. When you meet the Stangensteig trail, follow this exceptional path until just before the Kerschbuchhof, where the route changes direction to follow forest roads leading east via the Buzihütte mountain hut and Grüner Boden back to the starting point.

Tantegert run

4.5 KM 4.5 KM
150 M 150 M
medium medium
Forest running at its finest on the southern edge of Innsbruck. The trail leads from the starting point, over the bridge and up to the Gasthof Bretterkeller restaurant. From there, you continue across Igler Straßer road and into the forest, where you come to the real start of the circular route. The trail initially climbs uphill and then follows a more undulating route to the Tummelplatz cemetery before continuing along the "Forstmeile" fitness trail to Tantegert. From there, follow the varied Bederlungerweg trail down to Tummelplatzweg road and then back to the starting point at the Bretterkeller.

Tatzlwurm circuit

7.3 KM 7.3 KM
280 M 280 M
hard hard
A medium-length circular trail on the eastern side of the Hungerburg district that takes you in the footsteps of the legendary "Tatzlwurm". The route starts at Hungerburg and initially leads east along a flat road. After about 700 metres, the route turns onto the Kollnerweg and Knappensteig forest trails that lead down to Mühlau and then continues along the Rechnhofweg and the Purnhofweg to a wonderful road across lovely flat alpine meadows. Continue west along the edge of the forest and cross the Mühlau Gorge, which legend has it is home to the mysterious "Tatzlwurm", and then join the Rosnerweg trail back to the starting point.

The Teufelsmühle (Devil's Mill) run (37)

2.5 KM 2.5 KM
75 M 75 M
medium medium
A short run around Wiesenhöfe that sticks almost exclusively to the edge of the forest. The route starts in Wiesenhöfe and leads east along the road to Rinn before turning southeast and continuing through the forest to the Teufelsmühle (Devil's Mill). Run west along the edge of the forest, cross the road from Aldrans to Rinn just before the Seehüterhof and join the loop coming from the south that takes you back to the starting point in Wiesenhöfe.

Trail circuit

1.1 KM 1.1 KM
58 M 58 M
easy easy
A short circuit on lovely forest trails that takes you to the end of the "Forstmeile" fitness trail. The route initially leads west from the starting point, past the Tantegert tram stop. It then forms a loop, bringing you back behind the tram stop now heading east. From there, the trail leads over the tram tracks and takes you downhill to a forest clearing before heading back up to the starting point.

Turmbichl (25)

4 KM 4 KM
60 M 60 M
easy easy
A short circular route through Vill and the Viller Moor. Start at the Kneipp facility and continue past a few of the beautiful villas in the village of Igls before joining the Jägersteig trail. Follow the trail downhill to below the Kreuzäcker and then continue to the village of Vill. After Vill, cross Igler Straßer road and pass Turmbichl before continuing slightly uphill to the "Viller Moor" marshland. At the end of the Viller Moor, there is a short climb to Igler Straße road. From there, follow the "Igler" tram line back to the start of the route. The route primarily follows paved and gravel roads.

Ullwald (29)

6.2 KM 6.2 KM
155 M 155 M
medium medium
A fantastic medium-length circuit on varied paths through the Ullwald forest. Start in the Kurpark spa gardens and follow the shady road into the Ullwald forest. The route follows soft forest trails that initially lead gently downhill before climbing back up through the forest. After the "Gletschermühle" glacier mill, the route continues along forest trails that are either flat or lead slightly downhill to Taxburg Castle. After the Taxburg, continue through the Rosengarten Nature Reserve back to the Kurpark spa gardens. Primarily forest paths and dirt roads, very few paved or gravel roads.

Höttinger-Hölle alternate route

1.7 KM 1.7 KM
125 M 125 M
hard hard
The Höttinger-Hölle alternative route on the Nisslsteig trail is a mountain run that provides the opportunity for intensive interval training. The Höttinger Höll was a key section of the UCI Road World Championships 2018. 

Mühlau trail extension

4 KM 4 KM
80 M 80 M
hard hard
A wonderful 4-kilometre-long extension to the Mühlau Trail that runs along the edge of the forest. Perfect for anyone who finds the Mühlau Trail too short. This extra section leads to the Canisiusbründl guesthouse. At the edge of the forest, at the point where the Mühlau Trail turns left, this route goes right, heading east towards the boundary of the city. It leads up and downhill along the road and the Canisiusweg path to the turnstile, where you turn back.

Viller Moor (26)

5.1 KM 5.1 KM
77 M 77 M
medium medium
A sunny circular route along the edge of the forest by the "Viller Moor" marshland and Lanser See lake.   Start at the Kneipp therapy facility, continue downhill to the Viller Moor marshland. Continue along the sunny and soft forest trails that lead along the edge of the forest by the Viller Moor until you reach Lanser See lake. Follow the easy ups and downs of the forest paths past Lanser See lake and the "Seerosenweiher" lily pond until you come to the "Igler" tram line. Continue alongside the tram lines slightly uphill, back to the starting point.   The route primarily sticks to forest trails with only a few paved or gravel sections.

Wolfele-Wilde-Weg trail

10.2 KM 10.2 KM
350 M 350 M
hard hard
A beautiful but long and challenging route that takes you away from the main hiking paths and requires surefootedness. Some sections are on alpine trails.  This route starts in the Hungerburg district and initially follows the same route as the City Forest Walk, past Gramartboden and along Kollnerweg trail to the Höttinger Bild chapel. From there, you start a long climb up a forest road that leads back through the Höttinger Graben to the former Umbrüggler Alm mountain hut. The route then continues along wonderful forest trails to Titschenbrunnen and the Arzler Alm mountain hut before following the Winterweg trail directly south and around a wide loop to the west. The trails in this section are quiet and more secluded. The last part of the route leads down ski piste no. 3 back to the Hungerburg district.

To Mautbrücke bridge

10.7 KM 10.7 KM
10 M 10 M
medium medium
A medium-length, flat route along the River Inn from the city centre to the Kranebitten district. This route is flat from the start and leads directly west, taking you past the Karwendelbrücke and the Sieglangerbrücke bridges. When you get as far as the University Sports Institute (USI), follow the Inndamm through the fields and alongside the runway at Innsbruck Airport. Turn around when you reach the flight approach path by the red house, which was a former ferry keeper's house.  From there, you can either take the same route back or continue on the Klammgeist run.
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