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Accessibility at the imperial Court Church

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Wheelchair accessible and level access. The Court Church is a must-see during a holiday in Innsbruck. It is home to the famous life-size "Schwarzen Mander" bronze figures, who stand around the tomb of Emperor Maximilian. 
The door can be accessed via a flat ramp and wheelchair users can then simply roll straight into the large church towards the cenotaph of Emperor Maximilian. The impressive church is easily accessible for wheelchair users. An additional ramp leads into the courtyard, an enchanting and wonderfully peaceful monastery garden that is sometimes used for events.

The imperial Court Church is home to the unique (empty) tomb of Emperor Maximilian I. The emperor, who is actually buried in Wiener Neustadt, had a great influence on Innsbruck during his lifetime. 28 larger-than-life-size bronze statues were completed 30 years after Maximilian’s death. The statues were designed by notable artists such as Albrecht Dürer and then cast. As the statues were not transported to Wiener Neustadt and instead stayed in Innsbruck, they were placed in the Court Church, which was built between 1553 and 1563. 

The tombs of famous Innsbruck residents
Archduke Ferdinand II and his bourgeois wife Philippine Welser are buried in the Silver Chapel inside the Court Church. Andreas Hofer's remains are also entombed in the Court Church, they were brought from Mantua to Innsbruck in 1823.

Disability-friendly: YES

Wheelchair access to the Imperial Court Church is possible via the main church entrance when arranged in advance with ticket desk staff at the Museum of Tyrolean Folk Art
Wheelchair accessible toilet facilities are located at the Museum of Tyrolean Folk Art
Parking is available in front of the Imperial Palace (Rennweg road at the corner of Herrengasse road) and at Congress Innsbruck (Rennweg road)
Free entry for one accompanying person for blind visitors and wheelchair users
Certified guide dogs allowed

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