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 >  Crankworx Innsbruck: Thule Official European Whip-Off Championships

Crankworx Innsbruck: Thule Official European Whip-Off Championships

Fasten your seatbelt - For the eighth time, it's time to ride high. This year, the Crankworx World Tour will once again be stopping off at some of the world's most unique locations. Innsbruck is and remains one of the four highlights. The mountain bike festival brings together the international mountain bike elite, amateurs, the CWnext Juniors and all fans in the Tyrolean Alps to celebrate the sport of mountain biking. Over five festival days, athletes and fans can look forward to top-class competitions, a packed Bike Expo at the foot of the Muttereralm, Kidsworx and after-show parties. But don't worry - just because you've been there the last few times doesn't mean you've seen it all! So what are you waiting for? Fly with us and your heroes till infintiy and beyond.

PLEASE NOTE: changes to the schedule may occur due to weather conditions. The latest information can be found at

The Crankworx Whip-Off is a spectacular highlight every year. So what’s it all about? The idea is to whip the back end of the bike as far out to one side as possible while sailing over the huge table-top jumps, before bringing it back into line for a safe landing. But the classic Whip is by no means the only trick on display. Visitors can look forward to everything from huge Backflips to stretched-out Supermans in front of the mountain skyline. The Whip-Off is THE perfect kick-off event on day one of Crankworx Innsbruck.

Event address

Bikepark Innsbruck, Nockhofweg 40, 6162 Mutters

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ITS GmbH , Mittenwaldweg 7 , 6020  Innbruck

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