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70% солнце
Граница температуры ниже нуля
morning -3°C


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Граница температуры ниже нуля


80% солнце
Граница температуры ниже нуля


Before the sun can do its job, it has to chase away the misty remnants of the humid air which arrived here last night. We can then look forward to a pleasant day.


The ideal holiday weather will become even more stable during the following days. The risk of showers will be low during the next few days and the weather will remain bright.

Panorama Webcams in Innsbruck and its regions

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Innsbruck Tourismus

Пн. - Пт.: 8:00 - 17:00 ч.

Бронирование отеля и резервирование для групп

Пн. - Пт.: 9:00 - 17:00 ч.

Информация для туристов

Пн. - Сб. 09:00 - 18:00 ч.
Вс. и празд. дни с 10 до 16:30 ч.

City itineraries

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Klettern - Climbers Paradise
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Маршруты по городу


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The exuberant ornamentation of Baroque splendour is juxtaposed to the audacious sweeping clarity of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. It’s impossible to be anything other than enchanted by the charming interplay of historic and...

City and mountain in one tour

Have you already stood at 2,300 m above sea level today? If that makes you think of clumpy mountain boots, heavy rucksacks and an arduous climb dripping with sweat, think again! Experiencing the summit is so much easier than you might have...

City tour through Innsbruck

Our wheelchair tour through Innsbruck starts at the Imperial Palace as here, along Rennweg, you will find central blue-badge parking spaces. If possible, let somebody accompany and assist you so that somebody can ask the museums to open...

City Walk

City Walk: discover Innsbruck and its rich history.

Classic Walking Tour - 2.00 pm in English

Discover Innsbruck and its rich history with us. Our daily Classic Tour is the ideal introduction for both international visitors and local history lovers. No advance registration is necessary, just turn up at the meeting point at the...

Cultural walk through Telfs

The popular cultural walk through the town of Telfs takes you past captivating frescoes, artistically elaborate fountains with fascinating stories behind their origins and historically interesting buildings. Starting point is the town hall...

From ski jump to the Sill gorge

Highs and lows! This walk takes in not only the tower of the spectacular Bergisel Ski Jump, but also the Sill Gorge, Innsbruck's very own "canyon".  It bears the name Sill after the River Inn’s "little sister", and takes hikers and walkers...


Almost everyone who hears the name of Innsbruck immediately thinks of the Golden Roof, and a famous personality is inextricably linked with this special attraction: Emperor Maximilian I (1459–1519). He not only had the glittering roof built...

Historic Innsbruck

Leave the Old Town and, after just a few steps, you can set off on an exciting journey through time. To the north you can admire the colourful ensemble of buildings and church towers of "Anpruggen", the oldest part of Innsbruck today called...

Per Pedes - Imperial Tour - 11.am in German

The Imperial Palace in Innsbruck was shaped and formed by two famous women: Maria Theresia and Elisabeth. Take a walk with our guides through the exhibition rooms and imperial apartments, where many amusing historical anecdotes await you!...

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