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Trailblazer in Modern Mayr Medicine, the Health Retreat Park Igls - situated on a high plateau just above Innsbruck - is an internationally recognised pioneer in bringing together conventional and complementary medicine, providing exceptional facilities, diagnostics and thorough round the clock care. Energy levels and lasting overall wellbeing are markedly improved through healthy nutrition, individually devised exercise plans and a gentle regeneration. Following an initial medical check-up, the physician and the guest discuss and draft a personalised programme for the duration of the stay, a blueprint for a sustainable therapeutic strategy. This holistic approach focuses on detoxifying the digestive system - recognised to be a vital prerequisite for keeping fit and healthy. Subject to the main goals and aims of the treatment, guests can choose amongst a variety of treatment modules, which they may augment with additional specialised medical check-ups. All 42 comfortable rooms and 9 suites benefit from a private balcony and stunning panoramic views. Facilities include an excellent medical department, a superb Spa with indoor pool and textile sauna, light flooded lounges and an expansive natural park. provide ample space for relaxation. Also available are spacious relaxation areas, gymnastic- & fitness rooms for Kybun® training and the exclusiveTheMedGolf® institute. One of the cornerstones of the Modern Mayr detox therapy is our delicious, high energy diet cuisine - based on local organic produce and supported by latest scientific findings. Modern Mayr cuisine comprises an 8-step diet plan and surprises with highest culinary standards. With our recent double whammy of top international awards - Condé Nast Traveller magazine annual Readers’ Travel Awards 2013 ‘Best Destination Spa’ and Tatler Spa Guide 2014 ‘Best for Medical Marvels’ - the Parkhotel Igls’ reputation as a leading destination health retreat.



Installations de l'établissement (7)

  • Boutique
  • Parking souterrain
  • Parking voitures
  • WiFi
  • Parc
  • Parking vélo
  • Jardin individuel

Sports / loisirs (1)

  • Piscine

Personnel (4)

  • Dépistage régulier de la Covid-19 pour les collaborateurs en contact direct avec les clients
  • Sensibilisation du personnel pour le respect des règles de distance minimum
  • Le personnel porte des masques couvrant le nez et la bouche
  • Information du personnel sur les mesures de prévention et d'hygiène et la conduite en cas de symptômes/d'infection à la COVID-19
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