Welcome to our German-language podcasts!

We look forward to taking you on an acoustic and virtual journey into the wonderful world of the Innsbruck region. You can currently find these two podcast series on our channels:

How to Become – our résumé podcast

Here you will get to know Innsbruck's most exciting personalities and their CVs. How did they become what they are today? You can listen to the conversation on our audio podcast and even watch it at the same time by checking out the video from our comfy podcasting room. A special highlight: Sabrina also whisks you off to some of our guests' favourite secret places.

Typical Innsbruck

This podcast takes you behind the scenes of the Innsbruck region. What tasks, challenges, events and people make Innsbruck the Capital of the Alps? Join Sabrina as she goes backstage and gives you an exciting insight into the region with our videos and accompanying audio podcasts.

Our podcasts are currently only available in German. Click here to go straight to the individual episodes. Happy listening.