I swear, people are amazing! The things that are thought up now a days, what people can do and achieve, is absolutely spectacular. There is always something new to do, and there are always new events coming to town! On June 16th in Innsbruck the Bergisel Ski Jump became a waterslide! It was the first time that the ski jump was used like this, ever. But now that I have seen it, I’m surprised no one thought of it earlier! It’s amazing what people think up!

Picture Perfect Day At Bergisel

Bergisel Ski Jump Waterslide

The weather couldn’t have been better for a wet and wild Saturday!

I didn’t see a lot of promotion for this event around town, but it kept popping up on my Facebook newsfeed. The more it popped up, the more interested I became. The photos they were posting from previous events looked absolutely epic, and I knew I had to go check it out! The weather was amazing, admission was free, and it was all wildly entertaining.

Wet, Wild & Fun: Ski Jump Waterslide

Fru Fru inner tubes

A 5 euro deposit or simply showing up in a costume got you a Fru Fru inner tube!

The event was sponsored by Fru Fru, the yoghurt brand. I’m not entirely sure what yoghurt has to do with water slides, but I wasn’t going to say no to a free sample! Fru Fru are apparently touring around Austria setting up water slides, and the Bergisel ski jump was a breathtaking location to convert. I know what you’re thinking: that is one heck of a hike to go down a waterslide. But the organizers definitely thought things through, making it an all-day event. Starting at 11am and finishing up at 6pm, there was food, a chill-out area, tons of free Fru Fru given away, and of course the music was pumping with a DJ from Radio Welle 1 Tirol moderating and playing music the whole time.

Get Creative!

Ski jump waterslide at Bergisel, Innsbruck

Steep and fast on the left, family friendly on the right; there was something for everyone.

On the upslope at the end of the ski jump they set up two waterslides: one that was slightly less steep on which you could use an inner tube to go down, and one that was significantly longer and much more steep! They were measuring the speed of the ‘adult’ slide and while I was there I saw people clocked at 50+ kilometres per hour, it was nuts! Guys were taking a running start to try to increase their speed, while others took the opportunity to do a flip or a somersault onto the slide, people were definitely getting creative!

Wacky Costumes, Everywhere.

Unicorn on the ski jump waterslide at Bergisel, Innsbruck

Check out the unicorn speeding down the slide!

Fru Fru encouraged people to come in costume, offering free inner tubes to people who arrived dressed up. It was pretty funny to see people walking around as monkeys and unicorns; I even saw a storm trooper, and of course there were people in dirndl/lederhosen.

splash ending

The slide ended in a splash every time!

Innsbruck is a blast in any season, but making a water slide out of a ski jump, well that was just next level! Can’t wait to see what people will come up with next!


All Photos : @Laura Wunsch

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