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Heart of Noise is a music festival that inspires your senses. It has been running since 2011 and features the newest developments in modern music. The organisers pick the most interesting stuff that’s out there today and bring it to the Hearts of the Alps.

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What’s happening this year?

I had a chat with one of the organisers Chris Koubek, who also runs local club PMK. Along with the array of musical acts that will perform for your noisy needs, he tells me some special happenings to look out for this year.

This will be the first year that the event is held at the new venue; Haus der Musik Innsbruck. A brand new cultural space for creatives, performers, musicians and audiences alike.

There will be a specially built stage, created by students of Innsbruck’s architecture Institute outside featuring live acts and performances.

The legendary Tramatic Ride is running for its 2nd year. It’s a Sunday party on a tram that runs from Leipzigerplatz in Innsbruck to Kreith/Mutters and back. The whole thing lasts under 2 hours and includes DJs and a sound system on the move, wicked!

TRAMatic Ride 2018 / Credit: Lissie Rettenwander

On Friday, look out for the premiere of AkhtamarII, a Heart of Noise new Opera production, with 14 local performers.

Saturday’s spectacle is a special audio/visual performance by Gazelle Twin, exhuming England’s rotten past, and shining a torch over its ever-darkening present.

Sunday’s highlight is a contemporary club music performance by Uganda’s Nyege Nyege, frenetic rhythms and the hottest hook-lines.

The full line up can be found on the Heart of Noise website.


Tickets are available online now, get yours before they sell out which is highly likely.

In the words of Heart of Noise; Don’t stop the dance!
See you on the dancefloor.

Check out the website for more information, full line up and tickets.


All photos © Heart of Noise, unless otherwise stated.

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