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How do the nightclubs in London compare to Innsbruck nightclubs? I was born and raised in Hemel Hempstead and spent a lot of time in London (25 minutes by train) where I worked and played. There are many parties and events happening every week in London, for all kinds of music tastes. For House and Techno, the list of where to go is endless. I regularly DJed at Ministry of Sound and other venues in London. The dance music scene here and other areas of the UK is very vibrant, diverse and at the highest quality (depending where you go). So moving to Innsbruck made me wonder if I would miss this too much, as it is an important part of my life.

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Die Bögen

As soon as I arrived to Innsbruck in September 2013, I was on the hunt for a night scene similar to what I previously had in the UK. I never thought for a second that Innsbruck nightclubs could have any sort of comparison, but they do. There are a number of nightclubs providing all sorts of music styles. One of my favourite locations to go specifically for House and Techno is Die Bögen (The Arches). The Bögen form a platform for the trains to run in and out of the city above street level. Built between 1854 and 1856 (6020online.at), the Bögen not only provides the structure, but also separated areas for businesses to set up shop.

Die Bögen, Innsbruck nightclubs

Die Bögen. Photo by Ashley Wiggins

From Museum Straße, Ingenieur-Etzel-Straße is the start of the Bögen and has a variety of bars, clubs and fast food eat in/take away restaurants. There are other businesses such as architects and mechanics etc. On a Friday and Saturday night, it’s bustling with party people, especially in winter.


I am a regular at Project which is a small and intimate nightclub with a good sound system. Wednesdays has its “Weekly House Club – Fancy Cocktails – Nice People!” called Deep Jackin’ Acid. Hosted by fellow DJ, Dyl Boban. Fridays is Project’s House and Techno night featuring different DJs each week. Here is where I host my bi-monthly London Access party under alias
C Randall
. On Saturdays they play Hip Hop and Jungle.

London Access at Project, Innsbruck nightclubs.

C Randall’s bi-monthly party at Project, Innsbruck. Photo and graphics by Ashley Wiggins

Project is a lovely little club with great local and international DJs.

Project, Innsbruck nightclubs.

Project Innsbruck. Photo by Ashley Wiggins.

It reminds me very much of nightclubs in London, such as The Cross, Cable and Heaven because of its rawness. And the fact that it is situated under the railway line, like all of the venues in the Bögen. You can feel the rumbling of the trains rolling above and the original brick of the structure has not been changed. This brick is now the wall of the club, it’s very unique.

Party at The Cross compared to Innsbruck nightclubs

Party people at The Cross, London in the 1990’s – Photo by Wayne Youngman.

The staff are great and there is a family type atmosphere that resonates through to the dancing people.

Vinyl, Innsbruck nightclubs

Vinyl spinning at Project. Photo by Ashley Wiggins.

This is the original idea/aim of a House/Techno/Dance club. Everyone is everyone’s friend/family no matter who they are, what they are, what they look like, what music they like etc. Project has this same vibe.

London Access at Project, Innsbruck nightclubs

London Access with C Randall at Project. Photo by Nikol Marinova.

Tante Emma

Another one of Innsbruck nightclubs in the Bögen with this same vibe, quality DJs and great music is Tante Emma (Auntie Emma). It has two rooms that each have a DJ booth and slightly different genres playing. The sound system is also good which is important to me, especially when DJing. What I like in particular about this club is its decor. It is designed as if you are at auntie Emma’s place having a house party, it has great character. The club is only open on Saturday nights in summer and on Friday and Saturday nights in Winter (from 16.09.16). Tante Emma is open for longer than any other club I know of in Innsbruck (until 9am). You will be very satisfied if you are looking for a party with the after party included.

Tante Emma, Innsbruck nightclubs

Tante Emma. Photo by Ashley Wiggins.

Club Cubique

Other than the Bögen, another favourite venue of mine for House and Techno is Club Cubique. Although it is not as central as other venues, it is only a 5 to 10 minutes walk from Innsbruck main station and is in the opposite direction to the Bögen. Good system, wicked DJs and lovely people. I recommend checking out all three Innsbruck nightclubs and making your own hunt around Innsbruck city to find your favourite venues, whatever music you’re into.

To wrap up, I was surprised at the variety of choice of Innsbruck nightclubs and bars. Obviously the size and the amount of nightclubs can never compare to London, but the level of quality in the music, sound and DJs is similar. There are many fantastic headline DJs that play Innsbruck nightclubs, bars and festivals, plus the local DJs really know their stuff. There is a high amount of talent in such a small city and I’m privileged to be a part of it.

For more information about Nightlife in Innsbruck, check out this webpage.

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