03 November 2015
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A fair and square breakfast in the Markthalle

Getting enough sleep is very important. So is breakfast – which is why I enjoy Alexandra and Albert’s ‘Farmer’s Breakfast’ in the Markthalle. All organic, all produced locally in the region, hearty and filling and all the better for it! My insider’s tip! (translated from German)


“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper” – or so the time-honoured saying goes. But nobody does it, do they? But if and when we do make the effort to do it, then we should go the whole hog! A sumptuous, gastronomic slap-up breakfast that goes on and on….Brunch is an ‘in-between’ meal, a bit of breakfast combined with a bit of lunch, which is precisely what makes it so enjoyable. Brunch starts in the morning and can extend well into the afternoon. Many hotels offer it at the weekend as a warm and cold buffet. But those who like it fair, square and down-to-earth are recommended to brunch ‘farmer style’ – like I do!

Es gibt Leute die sagen, dass mir die Freude ins Gesicht geschrieben steht. Foto: Vil Joda.

There are those who say that pure joy is written all over my face. Photo: vil Joda.



The Markthalle (market hall) in Innsbruck is where the city folk go to buy wonderful products from local farmers – and they’ve been doing so for a long, long time. There’s been a weekly market here since 1880. The old west side of the building was built in 1913/1914 to plans drawn up by Innsbruck’s city planner Fritz Konzert and can be classified as an Art Nouveau building. Further information on the Markthalle can be found in the following blog article: Markthalle: Quality produce from local farmers.


Breakfast is very popular with the locals. I see them almost every weekend. Photo: Vil Joda.

Schön ist es beim Bauernfrühstück in der Markhalle, wenn die Luft ein wenig mit Liebe gewürzt wurde. Foto: Vil Joda.

Farmer’s Breakfast in the Markthalle – seasoned with a sprinkling of love. Photo: Vil Joda

Es ist die Leibhaftige, die hier zubereitet wird: eine Eierspeise, wie es sie besser nicht gibt. Foto: Vil Joda.

This is heaven being prepared in a pan – scrambled eggs as you’ve never tasted them before. Photo: Vila Joda

Hier verschwindet die Leibhaftige wieder.... Foto: Vil Joda.

This is heaven being prepared in a pan – scrambled eggs as you’ve never tasted them before. Photo: Vila Joda


Schmankerl and more

The only difference between the Farmer’s Breakfast and brunch are the products used – but they make all the difference! Speck, cold meat, cheese, eggs, cake and even dumpling soup – no hoity-toity frills, just the finest there is from Tyrol’s fields, forests and farms. “My speciality is dumplings,” enthuses Alexandra who runs the ‘Schmankerl und Co’ stand with its fantastic Farmer’s Breakfast in the Markthalle. “The Speck-dumplings, bread dumplings and fried cheese dumplings are all home-made and in hot demand.” And it’s true – steaming bowls of dumpling soup are frequently enjoyed by diners.


Schmankerl und Co. Foto: Vil Joda.

Schmankerl und Co in the Markthalle Innsbruck. Photo: Vil Joda

Alexandra’s husband, Albert, is only allowed to offer a helping hand now and then. But he’s the one who often comes up with new ideas. Recently he had the idea of selling pickled courgettes; another time it was pickled chilli peppers or mushrooms. “I enjoy experimenting, and I take the feedback we get from our customers very seriously, which is why I often adapt my recipes.” In addition to Albert’s tasty experiments in jars, the couple also sell honey, jam and schnapps.

The following treats are on the menu:

  • Bread with speck, cold meat or cheese – just the thing when you’re feeling peckish Bread with jam or honey – kids love it
  • Smoked trout and char – known as the ‘salmon of the Alps’
  • Apricot cake and plum cake – the ladies’ delight
  • Farmhouse platter – a filling feast
  • Scrambled eggs – a revelation
  • Dumpling soup – speciality of the house
  • Farmer’s toasty – with salami, cheese and farmhouse bread
  • Various spreads – ‘Verhackertes’ (minced meat), quark, crackling lard
  • Hard-cured sausage – pork, beef, lamb, venison
  • Pickled vegetables – The tasty results of Albert’s experiments
  • Drinks – Coffee, tea, beer, pure apple juice, wine, Italian coffee…
  • And to aid digestion – a selection of different schnapps including ‘Krautinger’ (turnip schnapps), liqueurs


Auf italienischen Kaffee verzichten die Innsbruck nie, auch nicht beim Bauernfrühstück. Foto: Vil Joda.

The people of Innsbruck love their Italian coffee, even to accompany a Farmer’s Breakfast. Photo: Vil Joda

Die Knödelsuppe ist Alexandreas Spezilaität. Viele Gäste gehen dort mittags auf eine Suppe. Foto: Vil Joda.

Dumpling soups are Alexandra’s speciality. Many lunchtime guests enjoy a steaming bowl of her soup. Photo: Vil Joda

Was Wald und Wiesen uns schenken, das gibt es bei Schmankerl und Co. Hier: Feinster Honig. Foto: Vil Joda.

Products from Tyrol’s fields, forests and farms are available from Schmankerl und Co, finest honey, for example. Photo: Vil Joda

Eingelegte Zucchini sind Alberts Experimentergebnis. Ich finde es gelungen. Foto: Vil Joda.

Pickled courgettes are the result of one of Albert’s experiments. A very tasty result in my opinion! Photo: Vil Joda

Leckermäuler aufgepasst! Der Kuchen schmeckt hier besonders gut. Foto: Vil Joda.

Calling all cake lovers! The cake here is reeeaaally good! Photo: Vil Joda

“Almost all our products are from Innsbruck or from the area close to Innsbruck,” emphasise Alexandra and Albert. A fantastic concept, if you ask me. Delicious, organic for the most part and, what’s more, it’s a taste of home!

Albert und Alexandra sind die Verantwortlichen für das Bauernfrühstück in der Markthalle. Mit gutem Essen aus der Region sorgen sie für volle Bäuche und zufriedene Menschen. Foto: Vil Joda.

Albert and Alexandra who make the wonderful Farmer’s Breakfast in the Markthalle. Their excellent-quality, local food ensures full tummies and happy customers. Photo: Vil Joda


Farmer’s Breakfast at Schmankerl und Co
Alexandra Machatschek and Albert Gomig
Markthalle Innsbruck, Herzog-Siegmund-Ufer 1-3, A-6020 Innsbruck
Opening times: Breakfast daily 8 am – 1 pm
T. +43 (0) 664 / 9706 486

Die Schweinssulze und das Verhackerte gibt es hier auch in Echt. Foto: Vil Joda.

Visit Alexandra and Albert and enjoy the jellied pork and ‘Verhackertes’ in real! Photo: Vil Joda


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