Dear Innsbruck Airport – a love letter
Jenny Bartholomew
17 April 2014
Post originally written in: English

A love letter to an airport – it may sound strange but anyone who has flown into Innsbruck Airport will understand. As the plane descends, the stunning Alps get closer and closer until you feel like you could shout to skiers below if only you could open the window. And the nearer you get to Innsbruck, the more beautiful it becomes…with the final approach for landing taking you along the Inn Valley with soaring mountains on either side.

Plus an added bonus, Innsbruck is a beauty too and well-worth a visit. If you want to experience a charming Alpine city surrounded by glorious nature and fabulous ski/summer resorts that is…

Check out the great love letter to Innsbruck Airport written by Clemens Sehi on his blog Anekdotique. It’s filled with stunning photos too.

Clemens you have competition. Innsbruck Airport is loved by many…

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