Getting to the Mooshaus

I always enjoy the winding roads up to Kühtai, especially as it was one of the first ski areas I ever visited in Austria. The 35 minute drive from Innsbruck takes you up the Sellrain valley, with fantastic views of the approaching mountains peaks.

This photo was taken whilst filming aerobatics for our new video series EPIC INNSBRUCK:

The road to Kühtai myinnsbruck

The beautiful and winding road to Kühtai.

Splitboarding first

I was with my mate – aka The Mysterious Mountain Man – who I am filming a documentary about. He loves the mountains so much that in 2017 he climbed 330,000 vertical metres. Unbelievable! Once we arrived in Kühtai, we headed straight up the mountain with our splitboards (if you’re not sure what a splitboard is, check out my article from last year).

Splitboarding in Kühtai

Splitboarding in Kühtai.

The weather was beautiful and with the recent heavy snow fall, the conditions were fantastic. We reached the top of the Kaiserbahn lift then continued on towards the Pirchkogel summit (2828 m).

Splitboarding screen shot from the video

Splitboarding screen shot from the video.

I parked myself about half way ready to film the Mountain Man’s surf down.

Mysterious mountain man on his way down from Pirchkogel

The mysterious mountain man on his way down from Pirchkogel.

Check out where we went and plan your tour on their map.

I would advise you to tour with a guide, if you don’t know the area and/or don’t have much experience. Make sure safety measures are in place, check the latest and local avalanche info, stay safe and have fun!

The Mooshaus hotel

After our journey down, I checked into the Mooshaus – or Moss House translated into English. It was originally a farm house used to keep animals warm in winter.

Mooshaus from the air

Mooshaus from the air.

The Gerber family bought the original house in 1969 and today with its new renovation, it can sleep up to 300 guests.

The original Mooshaus building.

The original Mooshaus building.

Even from the piste you’ll notice the renovation of this 4 star superior hotel. Not just because of its grandness, but because the highest infinity pool in Europe sits pretty on the roof (but more about that later).

The Sky Pool at 2050m

The Sky Pool at 2050m.

The carpet isn’t something you’d usually notice first in a hotel, but the soft bounce you get on the way in to the Mooshaus gives you an instant feeling of superb comfort. Cosy cosy!

Comfy carpet.

Comfy carpet.

There is also a practical reason for it too: it’s specially treated so it helps soak up the melting snow when guests come straight in from the piste.

Standing proud in the lobby is the fabulous Mooshaus cow.

Standing proud in the lobby is the fabulous Mooshaus cow.

The rooms are spacious, very comfortable, and modern with a traditional touch – a theme which runs throughout the hotel.

The double room superior.

The double room superior. Photo © Gerber Hotels.

 I was welcomed in my room with the Mooshaus’ own red wine (it was lovely) and some delicious chocolate.

Welcome wine

Welcoming wine.

My view looked out onto the nursery slope; I could literally ski to the hotel, lovely stuff!

mooshaus window view

The view from my room at night – watching the snow ploughs at work.

The hotel’s interior is made up of natural resources, with lots of stone and wood.

Lovely lighting against the stone wall.

Lovely lighting against the stone wall.

I particularly like the bar with lights inserted in the middle.

Mooshaus bar

The Mooshaus bar.

The hotel welcomes families. There is a kindergarten, games room and cinema (German and English movie for kids and young teenagers). There is a Gerber Sports store on the ground floor where you can rent and buy equipment including Gerber’s own skis.

Lounge area by the lobby.

Lounge area by the lobby with Gerber skis on show.

Relaxing lounge music is played in the whole hotel, even at the sky pool. This is stepped up a bit more in the evening, but Kühtai is no party resort, and becomes very quiet outside after 10pm/11pm.

Relax and enjoy.

Relax and enjoy.

There was a different menu each day, usually five courses and very delicious at that. I slept well every night!

Mooshaus food

A selection of the many courses served every evening.

The Sky Pool

As already mentioned, the Sky Pool is the highest infinity pool in Europe. Situated on the Mooshaus roof at 2050 metres above sea level, it has beautiful panoramic views over Kühtai’s ski area.

The highest infinity pool in Europe.

The highest infinity pool in Europe.

I can very much recommend the sky pool at night. It is open later on Wednesdays and Saturdays when the night skiing is on, and sitting in a 33°C pool at altitude when it’s -10°C outside is just amazing!

This is very unique: go for a night ski or snowboard session, then come back and relax in the pool watching others make their way down the mountain.

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If skiing/snowboarding and relaxing isn’t enough, the Ziesel (ground squirrel) is ready to take you on a thrilling tour. The one person electric snow buggies are made in Schwaz and can move you across the snow with speed and power.

The hotel staff can take you on an exciting tour around Kühtai. I loved it!

The Ziesel (ground squirrel) – ready to take you on an adventure. Photo © Gerber Hotels.

Time to leave

After my short stay, it was a pity to leave. I was very relaxed and refreshed. You get a family feeling in this hotel. The Gerber family members are often in the hotel meeting and greeting guests and you get a good sense of morale from the staff. I will return.

I made a little vlog about my stay, check it out below.

All photos © Ashley Wiggins, unless otherwise stated.

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