It’s not every day you see a crew of rad ladies riversurfing right in the middle of a city – in fact it might be one of those things that happens #onlyinIBK! Welcome to the 5th episode of Epic Innsbruck!


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Sports Engineer Michael Strobel is part owner of Up Stream Surfing and we’ve been organising this filming together for a few months. We teamed up with the Outdoor Chicks to provide the surfers and off we went.

Michael Strobel

Michael Strobel from Up Stream Surfing completing the setup. Photo © GOTiT.

What is Up Stream Surfing?

Up Stream Surfing uses their patented system that bring a sustainable surfing setup to city centres where there is a river and a bridge. It’s a mix of wake boarding and surfing that uses the power of the river.

It’s essentially an underwater sail, a pulley system and a rope. No motors or generators, just energy taken from the flow of the river. I like this a lot!

Outdoor Chicks surfing

Outdoor Chicks surfing on the river Inn with the Up Stream Surfing system. Photo © GOTiT.

They currently have setups in Zürich and Innsbruck and plan to surf the rivers of other cities.

Who are the Outdoor Chicks?

The wild at heart Outdoor Chicks are a community of patronage ladies who enjoy the power of nature to transform, improve themselves and strive for something better. The idea behind it is to connect females who have a genuine passion for the outdoors and love nature. Their goal is to inspire, help and grow in their professional and personal lives.

The Outdoor Chicks preparing to surf

The Outdoor Chicks preparing to surf. Photo © GOTiT.

Epic Innsbruck combines extreme and epic activities with people and locations of Innsbruck. For these types of videos, it’s very easy for them to be starred by male athletes, so I was very happy to involve the Outdoor Chicks to even it out a bit.

Surfing in the city

Surfing in the city. Photo © GOTiT.

Featured in the video is Veronika Kamenická – an events manager from Slovakia, Julia Santamaria – a health technology assessment associate from Barcelona, Celine Blochberger – a sport science student and mountain bike coach from Tirol, Heike Ganzhorn – a student from Germany and Livia Wöll – a student and surfing coach from Tirol.

Livia Wöll impressing spectators.

Livia Wöll impressing spectators. Photo © GOTiT.

Want to surf in Innsbruck?

The available days to surf in Innsbruck are Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-19:00. You have to book on the Up Stream Surfing website beforehand.

Use code Epic2018 to get 10% off your booking

If you’re looking for a private session, email the guys at info@upstreamsurfing.com to find out more.

Crowds watching the surfing. myinnsbruck

Crowds watching the surfing Outdoor Chicks. Photo © GOTiT.

Something to think about

River surfing can be very dangerous. This video was produced with trained athletes and permission was granted before filming took place, including flying a drone in the city. To fly drones in Austria, especially in the city, you are required by law to be insured and gain the appropriate permission from Austro Control.

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