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Crazy Bikez has launched its series of Mystery Races. This is the perfect opportunity to discover more of Innsbruck and the surrounding villages while being active. If you’re fast, you can even win a little treasure. I participated in the first and WON a sweet prize for my bike! If you’re into biking, and scavenger hunts, this is a must-do this summer. You can expect a new race every two weeks and they will get increasingly difficult.

Biking is a new hobby I’m trying to pick up this year and the Mystery Races served as a great motivator to hit the road. A 46-kilometer bike ride isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I was enticed by the idea of being first to find the treasure at the end of the race.

Innsbruck Scavenger hunt on bike

Being crazy about bikes toö ©Crazy Bikez

I really wanted to win but didn’t expect it at all because I know how competitive the locals are here. A reason and direction were sufficient for me to take my bike for a spin. At least that’s what I repeated to myself over and over as a defense mechanism against being disappointed. To my surprise, I WAS FIRST!

Mystery Races Innsbruck

Here lies the treasure “buried”! ©Carlos Melgar

Pedaling as fast as I could, I discovered parts of Innsbruck I never thought of exploring. I wanted to hop off my bike to take photos on several occasions, but I didn’t because I knew I could do it on the way back. Fear of quitting is another reason. Doubt would have definitely set in if I had stopped for a few minutes.

Innsbruck bike tour mystery races scavenger hunt

Let’s go crazy on our bikes! ©Crazy Bikez

How To Join Mystery Races

Follow the Crazy Bikez Facebook and Instagram accounts to get a notification for the next race. They post the coordinates for the checkpoint, where you will find the details that help you unlock the safe at the finish. The first race only consisted of one checkpoint, but I’ve been told to expect two checkpoints for the next race and a bit of a riddle to solve the lock combination. If you’re first to the treasure, it’s all yours.

Crazy Bikez Innsbruck

The date on the water fountain unlocked the treasure box. ©Carlos Melgar

I won a cool, and pricey set of Lezyne LED lights for my bike. The treasure also had a banana and some Cliff gel shots to help me refuel for the ride back.

Innsbruck Crazy Bikez

The treasure is mine! ©Carlos Melgar

What is Crazy Bikez?

Crazy Bikez is a one-stop-shop bike sales, rentals, repairs, and tours. Their fleet includes everything from city to mountain bikes, E-bikes to help you reach challenging destinations and even a tandem mountain bike for the real sharing-experience.

Tandem Mountain bike rental Innsbruck

Tandem mountain bike for all team players! ©Crazy Bikez

If your bike needs tuning, bring it in to Tobias for a fix.

Crazy Bikez rental and repair

Need a little help in need? He’s the man! ©Carlos Melgar

If you’re looking for a biking adventure while visiting Innsbruck, but don’t know where to start, contact Crazy Bikez and ask for their guided tour options. They have a tour for every skill level and interest.

Geführte Mountian Bike tour

Setting out for a guided bike tour with Crazy Bikez Innsbruck! ©Crazy Bikez

Here is all you need to know

Crazy Bikez
Stafflerstraße 25
6020 Innsbruck, Austria
+43 650 795 72 14

Other Treasures Along with the Mystery Race

There’s only one winner per race, but you can also find other hidden treasures along the way to make a day of it. The bike ride itself is really nice because you’re riding along the river most of the way. I stopped at Krannebitter Beach, sometimes called “Hawaii” by locals. It was a great spot for cooling off and watching the Upstream Surf team riding the river.

Upstream Surfing Innsbruck

Upstream Surfing the cold Inn. ©Carlos Melgar

If you’re a foodie, you can also stop at the various Hofläden (farmer shops) along the way, or even the strawberry fields to pick on berries yourself. Here is a great blog from my colleague Lea detailing Innsbruck’s Hofladens and what you can find inside them.

Hofladen Innsbruck

Some even have vending machines outside! ©Carlos Melgar


Finally, best of luck on the Mystery Races and have fun!

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