Rum Innsbruck

Innsbruck has a population of a little over 133,000 which is by no means the biggest city in Austria, but when visiting Tyrol and staying in the center of Innsbruck it can seem a lot bigger than it is. Rum on the other hand, on the outskirts of Innsbruck, has a population of almost 9,000 people, which is a big difference! Depending on what kind of holiday you’re looking for, you might want to look at bit down the road to the village of Rum.

Rum City and Mountains

The village of Rum sprawling out to gorgeous mountains, ready to be hiked!

Hiking Heaven

But of course, don’t just visit Rum for the close proximity to Innsbruck, visit because it is stunningly beautiful! If you want somewhere to enjoy the beauty of Tyrol and do a bit of hiking, then it will be the perfect destination. There are two mountain huts which I recommend you can hit along your route, the Rumer Alm and the Enzian Hütte. There are of course more, but these are musts. They offer beautiful trails, stunning panoramic views and traditional alpine cuisine. The best part is that you determine how difficult the hike is, if you’re like me, you’re going for the more relaxed stroll along the gorgeous countryside, but feel free to take some of the more strenuous routes, I’ll wait for you with a beer at the hut!

Römer Park Bridge, Rum, Innsbruck

Enjoy natures playground and sprawling green landscape in Rum.

Adventure Park

If you’re travelling with kids, or are just an adult sized child like me, then you can head over to the Nature Experience Path (Naturerlebnisweg). Beginning in Römerpark there are 16 different stops along this pathway where you can experience the wonder of nature, with different structures, optical illusions or balance beams; it’s a nice little stroll around town if you want to entertain the little ones. If you don’t want to take the walk, you could always just head with the kids to Römerpark for a play day.

Römerpark view, Rum, Innsbruck

Römerpark starts your journey down the Nature Experience Path!

FoRum Cafe /Bar /Events and More

FoRum Cafe Facade , Rum, Innsbruck

FoRum Cafe : a great place to sit and have a drink, a great place to go for the best events in Rum!

I wasn’t able to catch an event there, but from what I have heard from friends in Rum, the place to be is Forum Cafe/Bar. Located at City Hall (Rathaus) there is a large outdoor stage with wooden stands for the audience to sit on, and also a large convention area for indoor events. Looking at their schedule online, their calendar is full of events from CD Presentations, to Oktoberfest, to Gala dinners to cabaret’s, eclectic and eventful! But when I checked it out for the first time, there was no event, it was just a bar/cafe… but I didn’t mind when I sat down for my coffee and scoop of ice cream! I’ll definitely have to pop over soon… maybe for their Oktoberfest celebration!

FoRum Event Stage, Event Center Rum, Innsbruck

There is even an outdoor space for events and seating for an audience.

Hop skip and a jump from Innsbruck

Of course, one advantage of staying in Rum is also that it is only a hop, skip and a jump from Innsbruck! With buses and regional trains leaving from Rum to Innsbruck frequently, there is no reason why you can’t experience both – or if biking is your thing, just hop on your bike and you’re in Innsbruck in a jiffy! Between the two towns you will find the brand new climbing center Innsbruck, where you can enjoy indoor as well as outdoor climbing walls.

Or maybe you want to beat the summer and go for a swim, well you can always head down to Baggersee, which although technically being in Innsbruck, is much close to Rum than it is to Innsbruck. This is the second largest lake in the city area but it’s not just a place for swimming, you can grill, play volleyball or have an ice cream at the restaurant… and those who don’t want to swim can head over to the mini golf course.

If you’re looking for more of a mental challenge rather than a physical one, you could check out the newest trend – escape rooms. There is a new escape room open for business 1.5km away from the Rum train station. You have 60min to solve puzzels with a group of friends or family in order to make your way to the end. The key to the exit is the goal, and time is ticking!


A Little Something Extra…

PS: If you’re still not convinced that you should stay in Rum, let me just throw this out there…. They have a meat vending machine… you heard me correctly, a vending machine where you can get MEAT any time of the day…. It’s amazing!

Meat Vending Machine, Rum, Innsbruck

Never in my life have I seen a vending machine for meat, but I’m intrigued!!! Who wants to have a BBQ?

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