04 April 2024
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The Ferdinandeum regional museum is open until June 30, 2024, with exhibitions and events. Then a major renovation of the building aimed at improving its functionality and accessibility will begin.
The museum will reopen in 2027, but this does not mean that in the next three years the cultural offerings will stop.

The Ferdinandeum: work in progress

It is Tyrolean Regional Museums director Andreas Rudigier himself who tells what will happen during the building's renovation phase. "We want to keep a direct line to the population," Rudigier says, "to communicate that the closure of the Ferdinandeum will not mean a limitation of our cultural offerings. In fact, I see great creative potential in the renovation of the building: we are developing plans for the closing period to offer pop-up events in the venues of the other Tyrolean regional museums, but also in other locations."
So in the coming years we will be proceeding on two fronts: on the one hand keeping the public up-to-date on the steps of the construction work, and on the other hand working in cooperation with Tyrolean cultural institutions on joint projects, including outside the museum venues.

A Ferdinandeum to be assembled

There are several reasons to visit the Ferdinandeum before the end of June 2024, when it will close for construction. Currently the ground floor of the museum is accessible free of charge. There you can find renderings of the new architectural design by studio Marte.Marte and a 3D model of the museum to ... assemble. In nearly 200 years the Ferdinandeum has in fact gone through several expansions and renovations. On a table are the various architectural blocks that make up and have made up the museum building. By following the instructions, visitors can thus "build" the Ferdinandeum in its various architectural phases and even assemble a model of the Ferdinandeum of 2027!
In addition, walls added over the years to increase the exhibition area have been removed from the first floor. This allows one to see clearly and at a glance the structure of the building made during the last renovation.

Exhibitions to visit

Before the museum closes, in addition to the permanent collections, there are some exhibitions to visit. Until June 30, 2024 modern and contemporary textile art works are on display in the exhibition „Da beißt die Maus keinen Faden ab“. From April 26 to June 30, 2024, the exhibition "arttirol 10" is running, presenting artworks purchased by the Tyrol region from 2021 to 2023.
Finally, the exhibition „The Museum Game“ by artist Anna Scalfi Eghenter can be visited until May 5, 2024.

What is a supermarket doing at the museum?

The exhibition „The Museum Game“, open until May 5, 2024, is a retrospective of Italian artist Anna Scalfi Eghenter. On display are works created over 17 years of artistic activity, inviting reflection - always in an ironic and refined way - on socio-political issues such as the environment, power and justice.
Those who enter the museum find themselves "in" the first work of art: an MPreis supermarket. And the great thing is that the work, titled „Interim Measure“, does not just look like a supermarket, but is in fact one.
It had been made at the Social Theater of Trent during the period of the pandemic: back then, as we all remember well, going to the theater was not allowed, but going to the supermarket was. By complying with the rules dictated by the health emergency, the artist had created a displacement, making it possible to go to the theater because it had been transformed into a place to go shopping.
The work at the Ferdinandeum was created in collaboration with MPreis, which "is always open to new ideas and initiatives"-as MPreis managing director Ingo Panknin puts it-and for whom "being part of a museum project in Tyrol is very exciting. "
The installation is in a different context from the original one-it is true-but it still causes a certain disorientation. If you would like to be part of this work while shopping - thus killing two birds with one stone - the Ferdinandeum awaits you Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Useful information:

Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum
Museumstraße 15, Innsbruck
Open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

free first floor admission
full 9 euros, reduced 7 euros
free admission up to 19 years of age, for university students of the Euregio Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino, for Innsbruck Card holders

Anna Scalfi Eghenter. The Museum Game
until May 5, 2024

Ferdinandeum in Zukunft und Vergangenheit. Ein interaktives Architekturmodell
until June 30, 2024

Da beisst die Maus keinen Faden ab. Textile Kunstwerke
until 30 June 2024

Arttirol 10. Kunstankäufe des Landes Tirol 2021–2023
from April 26 to June 30, 2024

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