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Let’s face it, Innsbruck is an amazing place to be, but there are still a few shortcomings… For example, that so much is closed on Sundays. I mean, I understand that I am no longer in America, the land of 24 hour stores, but sometimes it’s tough living in Innsbruck and knowing that so many stores and restaurants are closed on Sundays. Have no fear, I am here to give you my top picks for authentic Austrian cuisine restaurants that are open on Sunday right here in the Innsbruck area.

Golden Roof Innsbruck

The city center of Innsbruck has so much to see! © TVB Innsbruck / Helga Andreatta

City Center

No visit to Innsbruck is complete without checking out the city center – the old part of town, with the Golden Roof and the Annasäule. Everything about the area demands attention. On a Sunday, you can’t get any shopping done, but you sure can get something to eat. Here is my top tip for where to find traditional Austrian food in the heart of Innsbruck.


So, this one seems like an obvious choice – no need to reinvent the wheel. When it comes to Austrian cuisine in the heart of the city, which is also open on Sundays, we of course have to mention Stiftskeller. Only a short way from the Golden Roof, kitty-corner from the Hofgarten, this restaurant is not only central, but traditional.

Stiftskeller Stube

Every room of Stiftskeller is authentic and traditional. © Stiftskeller.eu

I always seem to forget just how big the Stiftskeller is, because it is separated into various rooms, each styled a bit differently. There are large wooden tables and chairs, traditional Austrian coat of arms, and antlers. If you’re looking for small and quiet, you’re in the wrong place though – the rooms tend to get loud with conversation, and in busy times it could be you’re asked to share your table with other guests (in true Austrian tradition). They have all the Austrian food you could wish for : Schnitzel, Knödel, Käsespätzle, and so much more!

Stiftskeller Outside seating

If the weather is right, sit outside!! © TVB Innsbruck / Christof Lackner

For another suggestion on Austrian dining in the city center, check out Die Wilderin!

Day trip outside the city

Maybe when Sunday comes and you have already seen the city center, why not branch out a bit… Maybe take a day trip? Here are some suggestions of combinable adventures: food and fun.


View of the Ski Jump

Just a short stroll up the mountain can bring so much! © TVB Innsbruck / Christof Lackner

One of the major landmarks of Innsbruck is not such a hike from the city center. Actually, it is a nice little stroll to get up to the Bergisel ski jump/park. While most shops and attractions are closed on Sundays, you can still enjoy the Tyrol Panorama, museum and all that area has to offer. Once you have built up an appetite there are a few options for you to take a load off and enjoy a meal. 


Bierstindl Facade

Stop in for a bite before heading up the mountain! © Edith Hamberger

At the base of the incline up to the Bergisel park you’ll find the Bierstindl restaurant. With traditional decor and authentic Austrian food, this is a great restaurant to try out. Pop in any time of the year, they have a particularly good Töggelen menu, check out more details here.

Restaurant 1809

Restaurant 1809

Between visiting the Museum of the Tyrolean Imperial Infantry and the Tyrol Panorama, why not enjoy a meal? © Edith Hamberger

If you’re looking for a meal with a bit more of a view, why not take a stroll up the mountain and have a bite at 1809! Named after the year of the battle of Bergisel, this is perfect for a quick bite or full meal. It is a bit pricey, but the food is definitely worth it.


Maybe you’re going for a forest and lake vibe? We can do that too. Easily accessible via a tram that takes a beautiful journey up the mountain, you’ll then find yourself in Lans. Start your day with a stroll through the fields and forest, maybe head over the Lanser Lake for a dip, and when you feel your stomach start to rumble you can head over to eat.

Zum Wilden Mann

Zum Wilden Mann View

Check out the lake in Lans, the stroll through town to the restaurant Zum Wilden Mann, you won’t regret it! © Zum Wilden Mann

Lans is a small and adorable little village, with a gorgeous view. Just past a tiny church is the restaurant Zum Wilden Mann. It doesn’t look particularly spectacular from the outside, but inside it is elegant and traditional. The food is absolutely delectable… I was stuffed and still had to order dessert, because it all looked too good to pass up.  

Zum Wilden Mann Facade

An understated facade, but traditional and elegant inside! © Zum Wilden Mann

Regardless of what day it is, there are still plenty of possibilities open to you. Sunday opens the door to tickle your tastebuds and try some delicious Austrian food around town.


Cover Photo : © Stiftskeller.eu

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