I love trams.  You love trams.  Everyone loves trams.  But I’ll tell you who loves trams more than anyone… my son.  So, for his 7th birthday, what could make for a better treat than a ride on the Stubaitalbahn, out of the city and into the stunning Tirolean countryside.


After parking up we made our way over the road to the ‘Talstation’ in the shadow of the Bergisel ski jump. It’s at Pater-Reinisch-Weg 4 in the city’s Wilten district. You can, though, catch the tram at the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) if you don’t want to walk/drive/bus up to Wilten. Take a look at the timetable.

Climbing aboard on a beautiful sunny day, we followed the tracks up into the woods to the south of the city, headed for the heart of the Stubai Valley.


After passing through thirteen stations we disembarked at ‘Telfer Wiesen’ after roughly 35 minutes and spent a lovely couple of hours walking the clearly-marked trails.  (It takes about 50 minutes if you want to go to the end station at Fulpmes.)

After stopping off for refreshments (Radlers for the adults, juice for the children) at the Guesthouse Stockerhof, we headed down the hill to Kreith. Admiring the views from Kreith station down to Innsbruck made the fifteen minute wait feel like seconds.


Exhausted after the hike (well, we adults were anyway – the carrying and shoulder rides saw to that) we stepped back onto the tram to head home. The best was yet to come though.

While stopped at Mutters, my son’s Grandmother let the driver know it was his birthday today. The beaming driver replied that it was his daughter’s! Also, would the birthday boy like to take a look at the driver’s cab until the scheduled departure time? Would he?!? This was the birthday treat to end all birthday treats! (Please note: The tram was standing still in the station and it was an exception to see the driver’s cab!)

He was buzzing all the way back down the mountain back to Innsbruck! And all of us felt thoroughly lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

The Stubaitalbahn is a perfect example of just how easily and comfortably you can get out of the city into the mountains. It’s possibly the most enjoyable way of doing it too.

Take a look at the route guide & have fun!

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