It's Showtime!

A summer circus is always something special, and the circus theater Roncalli has set up shop in the gardens of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds to perform 16 shows per day of breathtaking acrobatic performances. I had the pleasure of seeing it all first hand.

The Dazzling Dancers!

I love the circus! There is something wonderful about watching these gifted acrobatic athletes show off their skills. Last week I arrived at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds just in time to see the 11:30am performance of twins from Germany performing an acrobatic dance while dangling from a very tall building! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I was told there would be “Dazzling Dancers” and that I should “look up”, but it was mesmerizing! They glided and swung back and forth performing flips and jumps, all while hanging off the side of a building. Absolutely stunning!

To The Mirror Pool!

For this journey through the garden, we were led by a “ringleader.” The charismatic Carlo, in his top hat and tails, made sure everyone knew where to turn their attention next! We were guided down to the Mirror Pool where the crystal clouds sparkled! Positioned at the edge of the pool was an oversized goblet type container. The performer started, entering the container of water that looked much too small to maneuver in. Then she proceeded to jump, dive, twist and turn her way through it, which boggled the mind! She made it look easy, and I have no idea how!

Defying Gravity!

After a short intermission everyone moved over to an open performance tent to watch the next amazing entertainer. Called “Marvel & Wonder”, the next act saw a woman juggle balls large and small with her hands and feet, while turned upside down. Then replacing a ball with a hula hoop on one foot, balancing it all. She spun carpets on both feet and hands at the same time, and all while on her head! The sheer coordination was seriously impressive!

Baffling Balance!

Last but certainly not least, the ringleader himself, after a costume change, turned into “The Maestro.” Taking the stage right after "Marvel & Wonder", the Maestro’s speciality was… handstands and balance tricks! One handed, two handed, twists and turns, he must be crazy strong to manage all the different positions he held...

Head on Down!

The circus has come to the gardens of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds, and it's one amazing must-see summer event! The amazing performers will be stunning audiences daily from July 22 until August 21st 2022, 9am to 7pm, with about 16 shows a day. Don’t miss out!

Cover Photo : (c) Swarovski Kristallwelten
Other Photos : (c) Vera Fluchtmann

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