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05 May 2023
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If you are planning an excursion to the Inn Valley west of Innsbruck, you can add a stop to your day by going to see the „Telfsart“ exhibition at Villa Schindler in Telfs. Telfs is a small town about 30 kilometers from Innsbruck, reachable very quickly by highway and close to the Mieminger Plateau, offering walks and beautiful views.

Showcasing artists active in Telfs

The group exhibition „Telfsart“, which brings together 36 visual artists active in this Tyrolean town, is open until August 5, 2023. Curators Christine Gamper and Sandra Marsoun-Kaindl asked the invited artists for work that was representative of their work, without placing restrictions on techniques or theme. The result is a very diverse exhibition in terms of multiplicity of materials and techniques, themes and poetics, the intent of which is to highlight the variety and richness of local artistic activity.
As part of the exhibition „Telfsart“ there is also a program of events such as talks with the artists, guided tours by the curators (in German) and more.

Location: Villa Schindler

The space hosting the exhibition certainly deserves a few words because of its historical role. The town of Telfs became an industrial center in the 19th century with several textile factories, attracting labor, including foreign labor. Today there are no longer any active textile industries, but traces remain, both in the town's architecture and in its historical memory. Villa Schindler is named after one of Telfs textile entrepreneurship families, who decided to leave part of the family home to the municipality to host cultural events, exhibitions and concerts.

Useful information

open until Aug. 5, 2023

Works by:
Urban Sterzinger – Patricia del Mar – Bernhard Witsch – Stefan Rosentreter – Claudia Schwamm – Hans Peter Ladstätter – Laura Manfredi – Susi und Hermann Christoph – Axel Christoph – Hans Gapp – Wilhelm Kolar – Brigitte Draxler – Claudia Jäger – Bernhard Dietl – Florian Pöschl – Sabine Winkler – Ulrike Stubenböck – Raimund Wulz – Ewald Hinteregger – Martin Trigler – Ludwig Blasy – Hannah Philomena Scheiber – Sarah Berndlbauer – Sabine Daum – Georg Tilzer – Jakob Auer – Constanze Egger-Klee – Julia Großberger – Veronika Rieder – Andrea Burgstaller – Doris Rattacher – Fredi Zorzi – Dora Iliova – Friedrich Plattner – Richard Rogina – Martin Londer – Sepp Schwarz – Josef Schöpf – Andreas Einberger – Martin Gundolf – Heinrich Tilly – Walter Pichler

Villa Schindler
Obermarkstraße 45, 6410 Telfs
Highway exit Telfs West

wednesday from 2 to 5 p.m
thursday from 6 to 9 p.m
saturday from 1 to 5 p.m

Schedule of events at the exhibition

Free admission

Header image: © MG Telfs

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