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14 December 2016
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There’s New Year’s Eve with the family, New Year’s Eve with friends and New Year’s Eve in Innsbruck! The capital of the Alps has long been one of the highlights of the winter holidays thanks to its varied offer for adults, young people and children. If you are still undecided about where to spend the days before and after the magical New Year’s Eve, come with me! I will lead you to the discovery of an enchanted world, but at the same time chameleon-like, also cut to the needs of the extravagant of the night

Preparations for the most awaited evening of the year are in full swing

The old town of Innsbruck, which has been swarming with tourists from all over the world for more than a few days now, is already preparing for the star-studded party that will take place in just a few weeks. Already from 9 pm on December 31st, the alleys and streets of the old town will light up with sparkling colors, hosting live music, shows and gastronomic proposals. I advise you not to miss the fireworks that will be held at the Marktplatz, the lovely city terrace overlooking the river Inn, from which you can simultaneously admire the fireworks on the ridges of the Nordkette, the mountain range that, from the height of its majestic size, wraps the city in one big hug.

Il pittoresco spettacolo dei fuochi d'artificio sulla Seegrube ©TVB Innsbruck/Tommy Bause

The picturesque fireworks display on the Seegrube ©TVB Innsbruck/Tommy Bause

But open your eyes wide, and don’t miss this touch of “Hapsburg-ness” around you: at the stroke of midnight, don’t be surprised if the locals start waltzing around. Yes, New Year´s Eve can´t be called New Year´s Eve without “On the Blue Danube”, a dance that is broadcast at midnight on the ORF television channel.

We may not be Austrian, we may not dance the waltz, but we are hopelessly romantic! Close your eyes, let yourself be lulled by the magic of the night and exchange a nice kiss against the backdrop of the beautiful setting of the Nordkette dressed up for the party: selfie-proof!

Are you spending New Year’s Eve with your children? Don’t worry, the city’s Bergsilvester has also taken care of the little ones. For them, New Year’s Eve will begin on December 30 in the streets of the old town where there will be games and attractions designed especially for them from 2 to 5 pm. The New Year’s Eve celebrations will end at the Marktplatz, where a colourful fireworks display will light up the eyes of your children.

High emotionä Cloud 9 Iglu Bar

My dear mountain lovers, I think you will remember this end of the year for a long, long time! Already at 7 p.m. on December 30, the pre-party will start, which will accompany you until the magical New Year’s Eve. Here, in an exceptional location, a real igloo at 2000 metres above sea level overlooking the city, you will be able to go wild with the craziest dances to the live music of Jan Blomquist. Would you like to engrave in your memory the last moments of 2016 forever? Do as I do, take the funicular from the “Congress” station, just a few steps away from the Innsbruck Imperial Palace and in less than 20 minutes you will reach the “Seegrube”, the stop next to the Cloud 9 Iglu bar.

Don’t miss the breathtaking panoramic view that will open up before your eyes as soon as you get off the cable car and you will find yourself, as if by magic, catapulted into the typical atmosphere of our Christmas films set in the mountains.

Panorama mozzafiato ©Ilaria Assenza

Breathtaking view ©Ilaria Assenza

Attimi di romanticismo ad alta quota ©Ilaria Assenza

Moments of romance at high altitude ©Ilaria Assenza

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Everyone on the piste

La sala Dogana al Centro Congressi di Innsbruck ©Congress Messe Innsbruck

The Customs Hall at the Innsbruck Congress Centre ©Congress Messe Innsbruck

The Customs Hall at the Innsbruck Congress Centre will host the coolest event of the year, Nachtvögel, with Moonbotica and Mollano Bassfeat Ava Asante, the undisputed stars of the rock and electronic music scene in the German-speaking countries. An exclusive VIP room, 12 premium lounges and another dance floor, where the glamorous notes of funk will be played, will welcome night owls and irreducible lovers of the night.

Ed ecco a voi il programma ©Congress Messe Innsbruck

And here is the programme ©Congress Messe Innsbruck

The city’s most exclusive party in the Bergisel panorama restaurant

L'eleganza distinta del ristorante SKY ©TVB Innsbruck/Stadt Innsbruck

The distinct elegance of the SKY restaurant ©TVB Innsbruck/Stadt Innsbruck

Are you looking for an exceptional location to spend the last hours of the yearö You’ve come to the right place at the SKY restaurant on the Bergisel, elegantly overlooking the rooftops of the city. With its distinguished and relaxed atmosphere, this delightful restaurant will make you experience the most romantic magic of the New Year. Waltz lovers? In the specially designed program, this piece of Austrian tradition could not be missing. In the splendid setting of the Bergisel, you can dance to the tune of this ancient and aristocratic dance while enjoying a glass of champagne and a delicious buffet.


If you’re planning to spend the evening in the mountains, don’t underestimate the cold! Even if during the day you have reached pleasant temperatures, at night the mercury column will drop abruptly and much. If you don’t have suitable shoes and thick socks, you’ll catch cold in no time: normally the platform of the shoes should be thick enough to insulate you from the ground: classic Timberlands or similar are more than fine.

Pay attention also to your head! It should be well covered by a mountain hat or at least better if it has fleece inside.

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