World Record

On a warm summer morning in June 2022 by the side of a closed mountain road in Sellraintal in the Tirolean Alps, Ambroise Trauet warms up with his team to get ready to fulfil his dream: setting a new world record for 'the fastest stand-up slide on a downhill skateboard'.

The idea popped into Ambroise’s head when he started skateboarding eight years ago. For the past three years he put his mind and body through a rigorous training program, preparing to push the limits of the possible.

Ambroise is from Lyon, but travelled to Innsbruck because this region has not just one of the steepest, longest, and quietest roads around, but also the perfectly smooth high quality road surface needed to beat a world record.


Let’s get rolling

With the follow-cam driver at the wheel, temporary road closure agreed by the authorities, security in place, film team rolling and the speed traps ready, Ambroise puts his helmet on and begins the biggest push of his life.

He positions himself on his skateboard to be as streamlined as possible, clad in a specially-made suit and helmet. Aerodynamics are very everything at this point.

Picking up speed like a bat out of hell, Ambroise approaches the speed traps. Just as he’s about to change stance and begin his slide, his top speed hits about 135 km/h (84mph).

He lifts his body up with arms out to his side as if he’s flying, contorting like a coiled cobra to force the tail of his board out sideways in a mighty power-slide.

A new downhill skateboarding world record

Sliding into the new world record at 117.35 km/h (73.34 mph), Ambroise straightens his board out again and continues rolling down the road until there is a safe place to stop.

His team rush over to him and congratulate him. Ambroise cannot believe what just happened; this was unreal for him after years of dreaming and preparing. Well done Ambroise!

“Records are there to be broken” is regularly quoted by record breakers around the world. They make what is deemed impossible become possible, and set the bar higher for the next record breaker.

This is not to be taken lightly; breaking a world record is not easy. Not only are there many years of hard work involved, but also a lot of talent, focus, skill and a little bit of luck - the conditions have to be perfect.

But when it all comes together, humans can achieve some incredible things.

The world record movie

Ambroise and his team have a 25-30 minute documentary movie planned. The movie will present the story behind beating the world record and share Ambroise's love and passion for the art of downhill skateboarding.

Ambroise wants to inspire others that they can also achieve their dreams. Just like he did looking up to pro athletes when he was younger.

He has set up a crowd funding campaign to raise funds for completing the production. It ends on Monday 17th October 2022 and has just passed the 50% mark.

He hopes this is the first big movie of many as he has already started writing ideas for his next production.

Good luck with the production Ambroise and team, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished film.

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All photos © Ambroise Trauet

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