Why fly in to Innsbruck Airport?

Even though I came to Innsbruck by car – a 9 hour drive from Belgium – there are a few reasons to consider visiting Innsbruck by plane.

First of all, by absence of teleportation, flying is simply the fastest way of transportation. Since the airport is rather small, it’s a really convenient way of travelling – almost like taking a train.

A friend of mine, who lives in the north of Belgium, visited me in Innsbruck a few weeks ago. He left his house at 5 in the morning and we were snowboarding at 9.30. That might not sound crazy for someone living here, but for people from Belgium that’s pretty amazing. It shows how quick and easy it is to come skiing or snowboarding in Innsbruck, even if you’re only here for a few days.

Secondly, flying in to Innsbruck can be incredibly beautiful. I remember flying in when I got back from Chicago for work. It was a sunny morning and the views were astounding. Every person on that plane was gasping out of the small plane windows, making photos and videos. I was flying in from the northwest, where the rolling German hills made way for the unrivalled Austrian Alps.


The view from the plane flying in to Innsbruck Airport

The view from my seat

I guess it’s not easy for the pilots to navigate through this type of landscape, especially in bad weather – the snowfall doesn’t make their work easier, but the runway was free of snow and they did a great job landing our plane safely. Check out Ash’s blog to find out how Innsbruck Airport deals with snow and helps planes fly safely between the mountains.

What is flying into Innsbruck airport like?

Knowing a pleasure flight over the Austrian Alps can easily cost you over 500 euros, flying in from abroad for a couple of hundred is a pretty good deal!

It has to be one of the most scenic aiports, with a dramatic descent through the mountains and along the Inn valley.

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It’s hard not to feel excited when you get out of the plane on the runway too! All the mountains are right there – so close it feels like you can touch them – and you know you’re only about 20 minutes away from the next ski resort!

Stepping off the plane on to the runway at Innsbruck Airport

I love it when you walk out of an airplane straight on the runway.

The view of the mountains from Innsbruck Airport

A look to the west and with a snow-free runway.

The Nordkette.

How to get from Innsbruck Airport to the city (and back)

The airport is located really close to the city itself; it’s only 20 minutes by bus from the city center. Bus route F connects the Innsbruck main train station with the airport’s main building. There are also plenty of taxis driving around – it’s approx. 12 euros per trip to/from the city center.

Take a look at the website of the airport for more information about how to get there, parking and car rentals.

Carbon Offsetting

Have you ever heard of carbon offsetting? It’s basically compensating your personal carbon emissions by donating to environmental projects that invest in clean energy technologies or other carbon reducing strategies.

By using online tools you can calculate the emissions of your trip, and then pay the offset company to reduce emissions elsewhere in the world by the same amount, thus making the flight ‘carbon neutral’. For example, flying from Brussels to Innsbruck and back would have a personal CO2 amount of 0.342 tons, which translates in 8 euros of carbon compensation.

Take a look at the My Climate website to see how much CO2 your trip produces, then calculate your offset price and have a look at the projects you could support.

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