24 June 2021
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Especially in the mountains the winter was very long this year. The snow delayed the start of the hiking and biking season by a few weeks. So I'm even more happy to take you with me on my first bike and hike tour this year. It goes into the beautiful Karwendel with a view of Innsbruck. The trail leads us to the Brunntal above Zirl to the Neue Magdeburger Hütte and then on to the Hechenberg and its highest point, the Kirchbergköpfl.

The start is at the parking lot of the rescue service in Zirl. Keep left until you reach the Ehnbach and the entrance to the Ehnbachklamm gorge and continue under the underpass to the west until you reach the underpass that shows the way to Hochzirl. Steeply uphill you follow the road towards Hochzirl with a beautiful view of Zirl and the Ranggerköpfl. After a few metres in altitude you follow the forest road at a crossroads in the direction of the Brunntal snack station. The trail leads picturesquely through the forest and high above the Ehnbachklamm gorge, climbing gently into the Brunntal valley.

From the Brunntal snack station, follow the signs in the direction of the Neue Magdeburger Hütte. In several hairpin bends, the path goes up, sometimes steeper, sometimes less steep, until you reach the beautifully situated hut in the Karwendel behind a bend. The Solstein is enthroned beautifully behind it and the held llamas welcome one already from the opposite slope. After 11 kilometres of cycling we have now earned a break before we continue without the bike. In front of the hut there is a small lake. I chose this for my short rest and decided to stop in the hut after my hike, which will bring me back here.


You can park your mountain bike directly at the hut. Put on your hiking boots and continue on foot. Directly at the lake, follow the path for a few metres in the direction of the forest. Here you will find the well-signposted path to Kirchbergköpfl, the highest point of the Hechenberg. The trail climbs steeply for about 300 metres. First through forest and then through mountain pines, after a good 45 minutes you reach the summit cross at 1,943 metres with great views of the Karwendel with the Solstein, the Inntal, the Kalkkögel on the opposite side and the Sellraintal.

It is very hot on this day and the non-existent shade makes me march on immediately. Through dense mountain pines I continue to the Hechenberg. You can see the path very well from Kirchbergköpfl, so that you can hardly get lost. The old summit cross had to be removed last year and was replaced by a small one. From here you can now also see Innsbruck well, although it was a bit hazy due to the heat on this day, which does not really spoil the breathtaking panorama.

From the Hechenberg, the route now descends partly secured by ropes to the so-called Hechenbergl, a small elevation in front of the Hechenberg at 1,411 metres, and from there back up to the Magdeburger Hütte, where our little round tour ends with our mountain bike and a fine refreshment stop.

The way back by bike can now be arranged individually. Either you go back the same way or you don't turn off at the Brunntal snack station, but continue the way and ride over the beautiful Zirler Mähder to Zirl.

If you want to do this tour as a pure hiking tour, I recommend my blog from the autumn: Tosenendes Wasser und brennende Lärchen (Roaring water and burning larches)


Mountain bike route: total 22.2 km
Altitude difference Mountain bike: 1,060 hm

Hiking trail: approx. 3 km
metres of altitude difference Hiking trail: approx. 300 metres of altitude difference

New Madgeburg hut 1633m
Isser family
No day off

Tip: The Magdeburger Hütte is an excellent place to stay overnight for further high-altitude tours into the Karwendel mountains.

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