14 January 2022
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Snow-covered forests, exercise in the fresh air, enjoying the winter... I am regularly drawn to go outside, but often the "inner pig dog" holds us back. This winter hike is the ideal tip for anyone who wants to combine coziness with a winter outing in nature. Because: The hike leads along the streetcar line of the STB. If you don't like it anymore, just take the next train back to Innsbruck. Perfect for families with children, but also for everyone else who is not planning any sporting feats. I find the round very beautiful and have recently been there myself on the road.

By streetcar to nature

I don't think there are many cities in this world where you can take an interurban streetcar from the city to nature and the mountains. In Innsbruck, this is possible with two lines. With the 6er line, which recently also has a web presence as "Waldstraßenbahn" or with the Stubaitalbahn, which connects Innsbruck with the Stubaital. For today's trip, I'm taking the Stubai and going directly from Innsbruck into nature.

The Stubai Valley Railway

The Stubai runs every half hour from the main station to Kreith and every hour to Fulpmes. Since we are going to Telfes today, we have to be careful to take the train to Fulpmes. You can get on at the main station or in Anichstraße, for example, or directly at the Stubaitalbahnhof at Bergisel at the Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe remise.

If the route to the Stubaitalbahnhof still runs through the city, then already after leaving the Remise the eyes become larger. A beautiful panorama opens up with a view of the city and the imposing Nordkette mountain range. Elegantly, the train winds its way up over the Ferrari meadow to the Sonnenburgerhof. The view of the Tyrolean capital is imposing.

At the Sonnenburgerhof, the route now continues along the slope to Natters and on to Mutters. At the foot of the Saile, you can enjoy every minute of the streetcar ride. The view of both villages with the surrounding mountains is particularly beautiful from the tram, as it does not follow the normal road but works its way upwards in loops over the hills. The pretty old station houses are a feast for the eyes. In Mutters there is also a stop at the Muttereralm valley station. Those who prefer skiing could get off here and try the Muttereralm ski area. We continue over meadows and through forests to Kreith. Twice we wait for the oncoming train on the way here, as the line is single-tracked. Shortly after Kreith we drive over a viaduct high above the Sagbach. This is a good place to remember, as you will pass here on foot later. More about this later.

Hiking start in Telfes

We take the train to the village of Telfes, where our winter hike begins. Directly opposite on the other side of the valley is the Serles, which today is unfortunately somewhat covered with clouds. In bright weather it looks particularly close and impressive from here. One can then imagine quite well that rightly bears the name "Altar of Tyrol".

From the train station in Telfes we follow the signs towards Telfer Wiesen. First it goes a little steeper up along the road until after a few minutes you come to the beautiful forest path and leave the road behind.

Winter hiking to Mutters

The Telfer meadows are known especially in autumn for the burning larches. Winter, however, is not inferior to this spectacle by any means. Numerous wooden stadiums in the snowy landscape provide enthusiastically clicking cameras and pulled smartphone cameras. The path is well cleared and also doable for everyone. Without much effort, most of the time it goes flat and you can enjoy the great landscape on our hike in the direction of Mutters without much effort.

After about an hour you reach Kreith. Here you also pass the ditch of the Sagbach. Here is the previously mentioned viaduct of the streetcar. With a little luck, a train comes over the viaduct and you can take a great photo.

Do you want to take a shortcut?

The nice thing about this winter trail is that you can always get back on the streetcar and shorten the hike when you've had enough. It constantly passes the stations of the Stubailtalbahn. Kreith station is also the end of the divided line. This means that from here you could even take a train back to Innsbruck every 30 minutes.

I decide to continue walking. From Kreith you follow the signs always in the direction of Mutters. Via the hamlet of Raitis you need about 45 minutes. Here you can then get back on the Stubaitalbahn at the stations Mutters Bahnhof or Burgstall to Innsbruck.

Hike on to Natters and to the Natterer Boden

If the winter hike was too short for you, you can continue from Mutters to Natter Boden and from there take the direct path down to Innsbruck. The well signposted path leads you to the Natter Boden and in the direction of Eichhof. From there you can take the beautiful forest path towards Innsbruck to the Bergisel and either get on the Stubai at Sonnenburger Hof, or go down to the Bergisel and take the 1er line to the city center. At the Bergisel, the panorama loop would also be an option.


Something for everyone. Streetcar fans, photographers with the many winter motifs (Holzstadln), fresh air lovers, sports fans and not so sports fans (feasible for all) and with magnificent panoramas of Innsbruck, the Serles and the Patscherkofel. With the streetcar also still environmentally conscious and stress-free.

Useful information

Timetable of the Stubaitalbahn
Snowshoeing on a similar route by my colleague Lea
Colleague Tamara about our "Stubsi" in the warmer months

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