21 June 2024
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Climbing World Cup Innsbruck 2024: A celebration of climbing sport

The excitement is building and the climbing world is eagerly awaiting Innsbruck, where the 2024 Climbing World Cup will take place from June 24 to 30. During these days, the best athletes in the world will demonstrate their skills on the wall and thrill spectators with breathtaking performances in the lead, speed and bouldering disciplines.

Particularly noteworthy this year is the strong presence of the paraclimbers, who will once again show that inclusion and top sporting performance can go hand in hand, and who I would like to focus on in this article.

An event for all climbing enthusiasts

The Climbing World Cup in Innsbruck is an integral part of the international climbing calendar and attracts the best athletes from all over the world every year. From spectacular lead competitions and dynamic boulder routes to breathtaking speed duels - the event offers everything a climber's heart desires. This year, however, there is a special focus on a group of athletes who are often overshadowed by their able-bodied colleagues: the paraclimbers.

Paraclimbing: inclusion and inspiration

Paraclimbing is more than just a discipline - it is a testament to human will, perseverance and the indefatigable spirit to overcome obstacles. Paraclimbers show us that physical disabilities do not have to be a barrier to excellence. They climb with impressive technique and unwavering determination, making them true role models.

This year, the Climbing World Cup in Innsbruck will provide a special stage for these exceptional athletes. The Paraclimber competitions will be held on the same days and on the same routes as the other climbers, emphasizing inclusion and equality in the sport. Spectators will have the unique opportunity to experience the impressive performances of these athletes up close and be inspired by their energy and enthusiasm.

Highlights of the paraclimbing competitions

The paraclimbing competitions are held in different categories depending on physical impairment. From athletes with visual impairments to those with amputations or other physical limitations, each competition is a unique spectacle that shows just how versatile and adaptable the sport of climbing can be.

One of the most famous names in paraclimbing is Angelino Zeller. I met him at the Innsbruck Climbing Center during his training and chatted to him about the World Cup and the sport of paraclimbing. Angelino is a three-time world champion and multiple World Cup winner in paraclimbing. He has been paraplegic since a paragliding accident in 2017.

Interview with Angelino Zeller

Tickets and further information

Tickets for the 2024 Climbing World Cup in Innsbruck are now available. Secure your seats and be there when the best climbers in the world scale the walls and test their limits. Further information on the program, the athletes and the supporting events can be found on the event's official website.

You can find a review of the World Cup in Innsbruck 2022 in my old blog with lots of photos.

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