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15 November 2019
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One of my favourite hobbies: eating! I like healthy with lots of vegetables and little meat, but sometimes I like it quite hearty. I would give a lot for a really good burger. Just like for a juicy steak. So I’m very happy that there are three (more or less) new places in Innsbruck that fulfill all my wishes, even if the restaurants are quite different (just like my taste), they are all three worth a visit.

The Glorious Bastards

The Glorious Bastards have moved into the former Soulkitchen: “the Baker”, “the Butcher”, and “the Brewer”. In German, the Baker, the Butcher, and the Brewer. Minor spoiler: Vegetarians and vegans don’t really need to read any further. Unless they don’t mind eating at a place where eating meat is the number one priority and is – pun intended – glorified. If you don’t mind dining next to decoratively hung cuts of beef, you can definitely find tasty vegetarian alternatives on the menu. Personally, I can appreciate a good steak and I love burgers anyway.


Vegetarians don’t have to starve either.

The secret behind the tender and incredibly juicy steaks is the special Dry Age maturing method. The cuts of local beef are dry-aged in the in-house climate-controlled room for up to 30 days. Thanks to the high temperature of the Josper Grill, the flavour of the cuts is sealed by simultaneous roasting and smoking. Your mouth is watering? Rightly so!

Koch in der Soulkitchen Glorious Bastards

Here we cook, roast and bake with love.

Grill mit Steaks

Steak lovers get their money’s worth.

What makes a burger a really good burger? In my opinion, it’s the bread! Sure, the meat is incredibly important too, but if the bread doesn’t fit and flab, the burger is half as tasty. So a job for “the Baker“: the brioche buns taste slightly sweet, are soft but not soggy. Perfect! About the qualities of “the Brewer” I can not say much from personal experience, I rely on the judgment of my friend and that turns out well.

Burger mit Süßkartoffelpommes

I am an absolute burger fan! My favorite side dish: sweet potato fries.

Opening Party

October 28th was the opening night. Thanks to a flying buffet, guests had the opportunity to feast their way through all the deliciousness on the menu. And I can tell you: wow! This is a really good place to eat. There’s also a slight hipster vibe going on. For example, I learned here how to wear your hats this year and that it’s absolutely not necessary to take them off in a heated room.

BAr Soulkitchen Glorious Bastards

Everyone is really busy at the opening.

The only important thing is that the food tastes good and believe me, it does! We’ve even been here with our two (feisty) boys and haven’t been looked at askance by anyone. My little foodie loves the place – even without a play area or other kids program.

ROCK`S Grill & More

The interior reminds me a bit of a mix between an American diner and the Hard Rock Cafe. It almost shares the name with the latter. There are pictures of famous musicians on the walls and the menus look like records.

Rock'S Grill

Reminds a bit of a diner from an old American movie.

Speisekarte im Rocks-Grill

Rock even on the menu

When I first enter the place, I really get a hankering for a good juicy burger. But a glance at the menu tells me that there are “only” sandwiches. And salads, steaks, tiramisu, cheesecake and much more. So my disappointment is contained and completely evaporates when my “Rock’s Premium Salad” arrives: mixed salad, grilled vegetables and beef tenderloin. Not only does it sound premium, it tastes it. My girlfriend orders a sandwich with sweet potato fries and she is completely satisfied as well.

Sandwich mit Sükartoffelpommes

A delicious sandwich with sweet potato fries, that puts you in a good mood.

The food tastes really delicious. Due to its location on Museum Street, ROCKS Grill is super central. Perfect for all those who want to strengthen themselves after a sightseeing tour. If you work nearby, you should definitely stop by during your lunch break. There are great, always changing lunch menus at fair prices. You can find more information on the ROCKS Grill Facebook page.

Nguyen’s Innsbruck

The restaurateur Thien Nguyen, who already runs three very successful restaurants in Vienna, is the new tenant of the well-known restaurant called Cammerlander. The Cammerlander is history, but Nguyen runs his pop-up restaurant with Vietnamese cuisine here. What exactly one can imagine under it, was not quite clear to me banausen. But I’m looking forward to getting to know them. On the menu you will find many rice noodle dishes with meat, seafood or vegetables- Plus salads, spring and summer rolls, but also heartier dishes like braised pork belly or roasted beef lung. I ordered the rice noodles with beef and was delighted. They were a real treat with their fresh citrus notes. This delight is available at this location until 2020. Nguyen’s is a pop-up eatery, so it has an expiration date. However, if you want to try the food, you still have a bit of time.

super lecker

A small appetizer: Vietnamese spring rolls.

Reisnudeln mit Rindfleisch im Nguyen’s

Super tasty: rice noodles with beef.

This was definitely not the last time we went to Nguyen’s. Partly because we really liked the food, and partly because it’s kid-friendly. The Cammerlander had a great play area that can be used in the new place as well. Parents know that’s worth its weight in gold when you want to eat in peace.

Important: You should definitely make reservations, Nguyen’s is busy. We didn’t and were only lucky to get a table, and probably only because we were there at 5:30pm. To be honest though, we tried by phone, unfortunately to no avail. I think it’s because the restaurant is new and a few things still need to settle in. For now, better to book by mail!

I hope I was able to pique your interest.We were definitely thrilled with all three places and will definitely visit them again!


Glorious Bastards Innsbruck
Address: Egger-Lienz-Straße Egger-Lienz-Straße 118, 6020 Innsbruck
Phone: +43 512 319192

Rock’s Grill
Address: Museumstraße 3, 6020 Innsbruck
Phone: +43 660 / 70 10 059
Homepage: Facebook

Nguyen’s Innsbruck
Address: Innrain 2, 6020 Innsbruck
Phone: +43 586398
Homepage: Facebook

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