08 March 2024
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Spring at last! As soon as the sun invites you to take a stroll in Innsbruck and the surrounding area, it's time to stop for a bite to eat. Hearty, princely, extravagant - or even completely secret? In addition to the well-known, there is something new to be found - the Alpine city has five fresh hotspots to offer: sparkling street food from the Far East, a small, hidden patisserie, a rebellious empress, a very green pizzeria and even a stylish Steampunk-Spaceship. What follows: urgent recommendations for your next stroll.

Little Asia @ Koi Street Bar

The déjà vu is indeed one: the Koi Bar at Lanser See now has a stylish street food stall at the Innsbruck market hall. At the entrance, the "Show Stopper" (which can be hired for catering) shimmers in the sun and serves Korean delicacies. Michaela laughs in the front and Lutfur swings his spoon in the back. When, after a few small samples from the menu, I want to know why he is so good at cooking, he simply winks: "I know some things! And even Mrs. Lim, a customer here but otherwise a Korean chef herself, notes on a cloth napkin: "Kimchi here tastes good - Korean approved! In addition to the kimchi stew, there is also Korean ramen, crispy chicken, plucked pork and veggie dhal. On request with plenty of coriander, everything to go, and even card payment is no problem at all. If you do decide to stay for a prosecco or two, make a note in your diary of the cooking courses that will soon be on offer at Koi Lans.

Cream filling @ Tante Ina’s Konditorei

An inconspicuous backyard in Pradl. But wait, there's sweetness in the air here! Recently, Christine (thanks to her niece aka Aunt Ina) and Patrick have dedicated themselves to classic confectionery in the time-honored Walter bakery. An elderly lady helplessly holds the door for me Tante Ina’s she is already toying with the idea of moving away because the cakes here are so outrageously good. The mocha cardinal, the original Viennese apple strudel, the Punschkrapferl special (with raspberry chocolate instead of fondant), the crispy cream slices - and then the Sacher cakes!

I've long since forgotten that I'm not actually a cake fan. Only convenience has no place in the small counter, despite the good selection: we are as seasonal and regional as possible! The only thing is that no Tyrolean farmer has yet been able to supply the 360 free-range eggs per week. So be it, I say, and have a pink Punschkrapferl wrapped up for me. At the exit, I hold the door open for the next gentleman, compliment the confectionery and become the old lady from earlier. It's just lucky that I live a little further away.

Empress in a new dress @ Mariatheresia

She's grinning, the empress: mariatheresia is the new name of the former Theresienbräu on the corner of Landhausplatz and has changed everything else there too. All that remains of the former shabby beer shed are memories, instead the place now boasts elegance - and entertainment! A long overdue ray of hope in the event location desert of the state capital: The largest pub quiz in the city, a pop-up space for various surprises, a chef's table with changing guest chefs, a cozy guest garden, an entire floor for private parties and regular local live music, the friendly manager Selle promises me during my inspection of the place. There's a children's program on Sundays, and even an art and culture club is planned!

The multifaceted supporting program starts at the beginning of March, but the Kaiserin already has plenty of culinary delights to offer: A daily changing lunch menu for gourmets, plus homemade lemonades, followed by an Espresso Italiano, and in the evening there's a sundowner in the Schanigarten. Regional and sustainable are a matter of course anyway, smiles Selle and gives us hope: Innsbruck may finally have a central hotspot for everyone again. That would really be the icing on the cake.

Pizza perfetta @ Meow Pizzeria Verde

There are many ways to make pizza. Most of them are okay. Some are exceptionally good. And very few even leave you speechless. This happened to me recently at Meow Pizzeria Verde because everything there is completely vegan. So without mozzarella, ricotta, prosciutto, salsiccia, completely without Italy, you could grumble. But shut up and chew first, I say. Even to myself, when I went there for my very first vegan pizza (already skeptical). But look (and taste) there: 48 hours of self-fermented yeast dough, delicious cashew cheese, mushrooms and smoked tofu, plus fine truffle glacé and all. Italy is not sour here, but rather mighty proud: Mama mia(u), miracles still happen in the world! As I confront Marco, the pizzaiolo in charge, at the wood-burning oven, I put my best Italian together: Grazie mille per questa esperienza straordinaria, tornerò presto! The ragazzo lets the dough fly with a laugh and is delighted: another new cat fan.

Steampunk Spaceship @ The Iron Chef

My last stop takes me to Kematen, eight minutes by train to the west. In the still fairly new industrial area, a Steampunk Spaceship has landed there that you have to see (and eat) for yourself. Once you have found the dashing space canteen The Iron Chef you enter a completely different world. The steampunk style can be imagined as something like a distant future utopia, but powered by steam engines. The Iron Chef follows this idea down to the last detail, and the friendly smutje (ship's cook) Daniel also does a good job: a daily changing lunch menu (until 2 pm) with three courses, a side salad and a fair price (12.90 euros). The weekly menu is sent out in advance by email, and with a nearby train station and its own highway exit, you can get to the spaceship in no time when you're hungry.

From half past three, there's good grilled food, burgers, steaks and live music for a little longer. Because there are no noisy neighbors out here, the bearded Smutje grins and recommends Skullfire on May 10, the planned summer festival and a look at the Freizeit Tirol event calendar from time to time.

Photos: All proof photos in the article were taken by the author during his walks.

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