Ok, I know that this topic has already been addressed in other blogs, but it has never been done by me, and quite frankly, as an American living in Europe finding a decent burger is of the utmost importance! So, where can you find the best burger in Innsbruck? I have found that people throw the word ‘good’ around way too much. There were several burger places to choose from in Innsbruck, but several were weeded out from the get go. Here are the three that won’t let you down!


Juicy Ludwig's burger and sides

A self-proclaimed Austrian original, this restaurant located smack in the middle of Innsbruck, prides itself on its stylish atmosphere, fresh hand-made food, and quality craft beers and cider. Ludwig’s has a weekly menu that is always changing and a wide array of specials that come and go, but their standard every day menu albeit small, is anything but limited and everything is handcrafted and fresh with the menu even telling you where the food is coming from. The atmosphere is fun, hip and cool with booths along the wall, an open kitchen and upbeat music which was catchy and noticeable without being loud or overbearing.

Now on to the burger, which was darn near perfect. It was beautifully presented on the plate, very simple. I ordered the burger medium and it was the perfect shade of pink, deliciously juicy. Often times burgers are overly sauced, drowning in ketchup or far too cheesy, this wasn’t the case at all. There was a homemade mustard on the bottom along with sweet onions which really brought out the flavour of the meat. All in all every part of the burger complimented the meat and added to the flavour without being overpowering. Ludwig’s makes an exceptional burger, and I would go out on a limb to say, best burger in Innsbruck.

Ludwig's cocktail and weekly menu

Ludwig’s cocktail and weekly menu


Wildwest moose burger and wedges

Wildwest moose burger and wedges

This restaurant is a bit of an odd-ball compared to the other two in this article, but I swear it has one of the best burgers in Innsbruck! Hidden on a side street with cow print, horns and lassos everywhere, playing strictly country music and the servers wearing cowboy hats this restaurant is easy to write off, but that would be a mistake. It’s true, the decor is corny, but the food is delicious and all handmade! And it’s not just beef burgers. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous you can also try a moose, boar or deer burger, which they boast as being hunted, not slaughtered.

I have tried them all, and each are unique in flavor but all delicious. You have to order at the counter and pay upfront which gives it a bit of a fast food type dining feel and makes it faster than other sit-down restaurants. The only down-side in my eyes was the dinnerware and cutlery… the cups are plastic and the plates, although advertised as bio-degradable, were flimsy and disposable rather than a real plate and a real glass, it just kind of took something out for me. However, only considering the food and not what it was served on, the food is fantastic!


Soul Kitchen burger and sides

Soul Kitchen burger and sides

Soulkitchen was a restaurant that I constantly heard about from friends, but I had never been to myself. It’s not necessarily a ‘burger joint’ they had a decent selection and if your dinner party includes people with varying tastes then this would be the place to go as they have a wide variety of dishes and an even larger drink menu… but as I was looking around while waiting for my food I noticed, almost everyone was eating a burger. The location is huge, they have an open fire in the center of the restaurant and big plush leather seats. It’s an extremely stylish open floor plan.

The burgers are served on wooden boards and the sides are an absolute must! I especially recommend the sweet potato fries, seriously, trust me, they are amazing! There are many different burgers to choose from, with different types of bread and different add-ons like avocado or jalapenos. The burger was exceptional, when you got down to it, but before I could really appreciate it I had to take off some of the salad and some of the sauce, as this was used a bit in excess. However the meal as a whole was what made it superb, the combination of the burger, sides and ambiance.

Searching for the best burgers in Innsbruck was tough. It seems like there are many places around town where you can get a burger, but it was not easy to find a great burger! These three however, offer exceptional burgers, but don’t take my word for it, go out and try them for yourselves!

All photos: © Laura Wunsch

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